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Hopefully you enjoyed this premature celebrations compilation! ▻See more at Subscribe for more every day! Women Having a Tough Time: …
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  • Life tip: Don’t show off.

  • TheRomanRuler 4 years ago

    This reminds me of Ice Hockey world championship final 2011, Sweden pretty
    much celebrated victory before the match, then they lost 1-6. The faces of
    the audience… i will never forget. 

  • samuraiknight1600 4 years ago

    for gods sake!!! you must win Before celebrating victory!!!!!

  • GiftedItalianHD 4 years ago

    liverpool celebrated too early against crystal palace yesterday. then they
    ended up drawing 3-3

  • Luis Trigo Prunera 4 years ago

    Las cosas no terminan hasta que acaban. Cuidadín!

  • Aljon Cauyao 4 years ago

    the last one is really embarrassing…he was totally clueless that it was
    not over yet and continued celebrating…dont they have some kind of a
    communication gadget inside those helmets?…no one informed him?

  • Rich Homie D 4 years ago

    Ugh, I hate conceited people.

  • TheMrMiku 4 years ago

    0:42 Thats sportsmanship people

  • Yozakura53 4 years ago

    Dumbass Warriors.

  • Brett Wilson 4 years ago

    Nice of that guy to still let the guy win in the first race

  • Azzz Kikkir 4 years ago

    what is name of that asshole runner who pushes the other runner?

  • Victor de Meireles 4 years ago

    On #1, why did they even have people back? Can the offense recover a missed
    FG that has already hit the ground? I always assumed a missed field goal
    was dead when it hit the ground. 

  • Rentaghost okish 4 years ago

    Yanks do this all the time.

  • AzNGuyFLO 4 years ago

    no nick young 3 point early celebration?

  • Omega Rainbow 4 years ago

    *”The most appalling ever of judgements…”*

    lol XD 

  • ImBoredAsHell21 4 years ago

    0:48 I hope that asshole got disqualified. You can’t just push other racers
    away from the finish line just because you decided to hang back and act a
    fool. What a dishonorable douche bag!

  • Zin Tun 4 years ago

    2:50 it looks like they came from the ground

  • do didi 4 years ago

    They must feel so dumb Afterward xD

  • Casey Smith 4 years ago

    That dude in the 2nd video should’ve been disqualified. Fuckin put his arm
    out to stop the other guy from getting ahead of him. I mean not only
    childish but that’s gotta be against the rules.

  • Nicolas Cage 4 years ago

    can someone please explain the first clip? i thought the clock expired

  • Stroya 4 years ago

    Is that actually allowed what the guy did in the second clip, getting on
    other runner’s way, stopping their momentum like that?

  • Motoharu Tsuchimikado 4 years ago

    what is with this crash bandicoot music hahah

  • Rodbrollin 4 years ago

    Where’s Nick Young at? 

  • Ricky Stubblefield 4 years ago

    This was awesome!

  • Asbjørn Grandt 4 years ago

    Premature celebration :P