Share Button Video poker expert, Linda Boyd, gives details on the 10 best reasons why Jacks or Better is the best video poker game to play….
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  • Ellen Oncken 5 years ago

    Yes, I am 1 of those volunteers (monitor’s) and vpfree2 is (usually) always
    looking for new/more monitor’s. If you happen to see incorrect information
    about a game/casino vpfree2 welcomes your comments and updates.

  • MrGSU1111 5 years ago

    lol @ $20 in comps for $100 in play. Cheap ass Harrahs

  • june201955 5 years ago

    Hey Steve, I know that you play vp quite often. Have you ever played or
    like IGT’s (multiple hand) Super times play?

  • vol jack 5 years ago

    Except now all Harrah’s properties in Las Vegas have drastically increased
    the coin-in requirement of Jacks or Better from $10 to $25 to earn one tier
    credit. A big blow to video poker players. Let the executives at Caesar’s
    Palace, Paris, Bally’s, Planet Hollywood and elsewhere know what you think.
    This will likely spread to the rest of the country.

  • Calvin Mills 5 years ago

    more videos please, love them

  • americancasinoguide 5 years ago

    I very rarely play that game becuase it is usually offered with bad pay
    tables. If you can find the game wih good pay tables, it’s a good game to
    play because the Super Times adds extra value (about .25%) to the overall
    payback percentage. The bad part is that it also increases the volatility
    of the game.

  • Eric Colvin 5 years ago

    I’m from South Dakota and I’m closer to a gambling town Deadwood

  • CasinoBoy2k 5 years ago

    Thanks Steve and Linda. Great video!

  • Steve Deas 5 years ago

    Great video…Thanks Steve and Linda.

  • americancasinoguide 5 years ago

    You can go to vpfree2(dot)com to see a list of video poker paytables
    available at different casinos throughout the U.S. The site relies on
    volunteers to post the information, so it isn’t always 100% accurate, but
    it’s pretty good, and it’s free!

  • The Shamus Of Slots Super Slot Fan Site 5 years ago

    I wonder if anyone knows of a website or resource that tracks casinos which
    have the 9/6 version of video poker that video poker players look for. Also
    … it would be nice to know the expected payback using optimal strategies.
    How does it stack up from an overall long term payback?

  • june201955 5 years ago

    Thank you Steve. I’ve been playing double double bonus on 3/5/10 hand IGT
    slants with a good bankroll and have found that it’s more profitable with
    more action than a single hand play machine : )

  • HungryJack215 5 years ago

    Borgata has an 8/6 on Super Times, which is great when compared to the
    other AC casinos and especially the Philadelphia Casinos which literally
    have 6/5 versions. So if you like Super Times like I do it at Borg.

  • Stephan Thienel 5 years ago

    I got her book years ago. Excellent book for beginners and intermediate
    players, highly recommended!