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  • MrDard123 4 years ago

    sometimes you sound like luis litt on suits hahaha, very nice my favorite

  • SEVEN UNDERTAKER 4 years ago

    Jesus! After having seen part 1 and part 2, I started to see this video
    (part 3) about 1 minute ago and I had to stop to see the vídeo to write
    this comment: This tournament was won by the PS, by the luck and not by
    this player..oh my good..!
    this guy had floped 100 set, 1k of straight and wasted a lot of hands not
    c-beting and so on..
    Don’t get me wrong, but it hurts to me to see many hands which I lose
    against, so many times, just because the opponents do not know what they’re
    doing, like this guy and have a tonne of luky..
    By the way I just love the Evan’s analysis. We can learn so much..
    tks Evan

  • TheRandomVideoGuy 4 years ago

    I think on the last hand because he opened from UTG it makes his range
    stronger. when he checks the flop the guy bets on a super dry board real
    small less than a 3rd of pot which he could do with any 2. then when
    checked to again on turn. he bet less than a 3rd on turn again. so its a
    good spot to put pressure on with a check raise as if we were slow playing
    QQ KK or AA. Even if he has any pair below 1010 he cant continue much after
    the raise. good video

  • searchrank12 4 years ago

    I wonder why at Button with As7s he didn’t called the min raise of UTG guy ?

  • PrototypeJack1 4 years ago

    Also, if we assume he’s only donk betting with a draw-type hand we have
    almost 70% equity vs his range and should definitely be charging him to see
    a turn. On the turn I think checking back is terrible.. the only hands that
    got there are KT and AT (and maybe TT) but we can bet and know we’re beat
    if he doesn’t fold, he can also call with worse (flush draws, KQ, AJ
    sometimes). We often get a free showdown and he’s MUCH less likely to be
    bluffing the river with flush draws when we bet the turn.

  • chadon legran 4 years ago

    Cause you bring more than just a video on how to play poker. It’s a
    philosopical experience. Everything is just so perfect. No i’m not a sicko.
    keep doing what you do!

  • Jan Verschueren 4 years ago

    Because you are one of the very few people posting poker videos on YouTube
    who think lucidly about the game and convey it. Many post joke videos
    (playing crap, but justifying getting lucky in an attempt to ironically
    make fun of fish) or only post vids where their “soulreads” work out. Not
    to mention those who are just peddling a product or rakeback. I get the
    impression you genuinely want to teach me to be a better player and I
    appreciate that. Though I don’t do the “bro” thing, ‘cos I’m old.

  • Tindel10 4 years ago

    Great video. Good job Gripsed. Love your dedication.

  • wegotpoker money 4 years ago

    wouldnt work.

  • Jenkinz2009 4 years ago

    Thanks for the videos and the work behind em …..i am getting ideas why i
    am oftenly screw up tourneys congrats to me pls :)

  • BannedAgian 4 years ago

    these videos are great.

  • peroperopero69 4 years ago

    i love you

  • riedstep 4 years ago

    i like the play at 26:30 seriously great post flop play.

  • Philip Abbott 4 years ago

    OMG he lost a flip!

  • WaariGaming 4 years ago

    I find these videos amazingly educational. Makes me think about several
    positions and situations in my own game more. I learn the easiest by
    example and visualisation so these videos are perfect for me.

  • Richard Gelencser 4 years ago

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    here POK22.COM The reward of suffering is experience.

  • haaaaaaaaist 4 years ago

    Hey I really like your videos very informative and a few of ur strategys u
    have tought I have been following them.. I wanted to know where can I apply
    for a good rake back scheme for an Ipoker network ? Which websites give the
    best rakeback? Thanks in advance .

  • chadon legran 4 years ago

    I love you bro.

  • ekw555 4 years ago

    congrats on your win & thanks for sending your HH to Evan so we could all
    learn from it.

  • PrototypeJack1 4 years ago

    On the AQo hand on the 8JQdd flop – I would guess villain’s flatting 3bets
    OOP is something like 88+, AK-AJ, KQ, KJ, ATs and QJs. Assuming he donk
    bets with all of these hands (protection or bluff) we have almost 60%
    equity against his range on that flop. Given how many bad turns there are I
    think the best move is to raise and fold if he 3bets, as he’s probably not
    donk/3betting without a range that we’re losing to (AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 88, AQ,
    ATd, KTd, QJ, maybe KQ = 60%).

  • khzz1337 4 years ago

    Love these!

  • Gripsed 4 years ago

    you got it :)

  • Tindel10 4 years ago

    Fold is the move. Bottom line.

  • ben howell 4 years ago

    what happened to your old BG ? That was insane !

  • TheRandomVideoGuy 4 years ago

    sometimes u call from BB and see a flop with say 9Q ofsuit then the next
    orbit u may fold 9Q suited in same position. also when u shove the AK with
    15 bb you take away all the bluffs/worst hand 3bet shoves players will
    make. then you only min raise the A5 giving them the chance to 3bet bluff u
    with worse. when u don’t want to be the one calling off with A5 for your
    tourney. overall u need to think more about what your repping before u make
    a play pre flop and what play is the strongest looking.