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1981 WSOP - Stu Ungar Wins 2nd World Series of Poker Final hand of the 1981 World Series of Poker. Stu Ungar wins the hand and wins his second straight WSOP title. Play Free …

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  • Powermove Squadron 4 years ago

    lol to the guy that said archie karas beat stu unbar badly, he did but in
    razz and 7 card stud, had it been hold em it might have been different
    because that was ungars bread and butter

  • Powermove Squadron 4 years ago

    lol and some idiot said stu ungar wouldn’t be as good today because players
    now are more aggressive and back then they were cautious. Uhm no, Perry
    Green the man he’s playing in this video was aggressive, Doyle Brunson was
    aggressive, Johnny Chan, Chip Reese and Johnny Moss could all play
    aggressive too when they wanted to. Stu Ungar would still be one of the
    best today. 

  • Justin Joseph 4 years ago

    Best there ever was and poker wasn’t even his number one game! Sad he was
    so damn self destructive.:-(

  • theman1819 4 years ago

    @flastatesoldier naw this was before he started using

  • mrmartial 4 years ago

    is that guy doyle brunson?

  • bhanughanu 4 years ago

    buddy. its like apples and oranges.. what will happen if Mohammad Ali would
    fight Tyson today.. people become smarter as time goes by… and btw check
    about archie karas– he destroyed stu unger to an extent that he wouldnt
    play with him anymore…

  • Jersahin Lamilla Guerrero 4 years ago

    Just another lucky player! man, you should die… read a little about Stu
    Ungar… you welcome.

  • theman1819 4 years ago

    you dont get it…..

  • donnabarrow29 4 years ago


  • Joe Lazarus 4 years ago

    So is it fair to say that Stu was the bobby fischer of poker?

  • Gold Silver 4 years ago

    “nine ten six” “jack’ buddy nine, ten, six, jack that was not a heart

  • Casino Dave 4 years ago

    Said Doyal Brunson.

  • KydDragon 4 years ago

    I like how it’s just all these great poker players, old guys who’ve been
    doing it as a career for probably decades and then some punk kid comes in
    and shows them how it’s done.

  • inanimate lifeform 4 years ago

    stu ungar could play poker drunk and still win he was a freak.

  • Philipp Zukernik 4 years ago

    @vanthiectu He would have changed his playing style, do you think doyle
    brunson has been playing the same way for 60 years? People upgrade their

  • audiopro316 4 years ago

    sounds great!

  • theman1819 4 years ago

    your not even lisening to me thats just fundamentals, of course he would
    have to adjust but the guy had total recall, I mean he had such a good
    memory they wouldnt even let him play blackjack.

  • theman1819 4 years ago

    stu ungars best qualitys that made him a great player was his memory and
    his abilty to read people, to say he couldnt win in this day and ago is

  • pylet41 4 years ago

    stu is legendary but he was also a shiesty coke face that has no money
    management skills whatsoever i mean cmon how do u lose more than a million
    in 1 night? and he got scammed by a couple hookers lol

  • TheAcehighFlush 4 years ago

    Stu Ungar repeating as champion in 1981, an amazing achievement in poker. A
    tough field and strong final table, but Stu beat them all. Runner-up Perry
    Green is a very good player in his own right, with 3 WSOP bracelets and
    other impressive tournament results on his record, but he was up against
    one of the best in the history poker. Against just about any other player,
    Green would have probably been the favorite to win, but against Stuey,
    nobody else was ever the favorite to win.

  • Jimmy Tu 4 years ago

    The best don’t really win today. Is aggresive play and hope luck is on your
    side. People back then plays much more conseravative and stu style was
    aggressive. People are afraid to lose back then. People now days will call
    you down with almost anything. He will not stand a chance against these
    youngster nowdays…

  • HeartCrashes10 4 years ago

    Stu Ungar’s stack was always dancing. It was constantly moving. R.I.P. Stu
    Ungar and Chip Reese

  • memyselfandeye3 4 years ago

    johnnymdee, experience counts for nothing in the face of pure genius plays
    and natural in-born brilliance, the true pure talent of Stu UNgar would
    teach any of the players of today a real lesson in dominance, just because
    these donks play online, so what ? Stuey was playing and beating the best
    when he was 16 years old AND younger, he was the ultimate player and Table
    Captain, ask anyone wh ever saw stuey play when he was in the zone, he was
    the greatest EVER. !

  • Neil Hansford 4 years ago

    I would imagine it was not broadcast live. Then, in cases when the cards
    get shown like in this hand, they can be put on the screen in post

  • juanancriadillas 4 years ago

    yeah for sure… xD this guy won the gin rummy world series without losing
    a hand. nobody in vegas wanted to play against him, neither the top pros.
    he was banned of gin rummy and blackjack tables. thats why he had to learn
    poker. explain me how u would win him, fish.