Share Button – Wild bluffing at the USPC 2006 Championship.

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  • sevllests 4 years ago

    the guy with 7-3 shouldve went all in

  • mvogt 4 years ago

    Its a pretty standard play at final tables with a low paired board, I might
    have played the same.

  • elacher 4 years ago

    gawd, I love good clam chowder

  • Danubeabc 4 years ago

    me 2 xD

  • Kurvis Kukkunen 4 years ago

    Good bluff. But not hard to do with that kind of board. You either are
    totally beat. Or you have the guy with K high. (Ace would of been better

  • SurvivingTheHorizon 4 years ago

    i think its either 5s full or nothing. and hes playing it awfully fast to
    have 5s full. he tells everyone he has nothing on the flop with the way he
    checks- im not one to pay much heed to physical tells but he clearly missed
    the flop.

  • manoobe 4 years ago

    super bluffing from both!

  • Jason Davis 4 years ago

    thats his boy

  • Will Braden 4 years ago

    that’s the sickest bet ever…I gotta look this guy up…

  • furvs15 4 years ago

    only hand crain might have is 99 but i think demichelle thought he would
    reraise preflop there with 99 and on the button. If he hits the 5 like
    crain reprsented, he woulda have to fold to that reraise by demichelle.
    Pretty impressive move by micheal demichelle. I woulda instafold that after
    the 40 K raise lol.

  • Simon Geraedts 4 years ago

    How could DeMichelle be expecting any foldequity after his opponent
    reraised him on a paired board?! Absolutely amazing 4bet.

  • Bader Mubarak 4 years ago


  • Spencer Baker 4 years ago

    It’s almost identical to that hand with Ivey…

  • prekasama 4 years ago


  • tavbf 4 years ago

    too bad that wasnt a final table mvo

  • rigbst 4 years ago

    2.41 lol i’m not gay really guys haha

  • MTL CHRONIX 4 years ago

    amazing bluff…….

  • Will Braden 4 years ago

    so easy to say while watching it, much harder to do with a stack of chips
    in front of you.

  • Anubite 4 years ago

    look how stressed is demichelle. the way he is playing with chips after he
    goes all in.

  • oxhandsomerobxo 4 years ago

    He shouldn’t have checked behind on the flop. When you call on the button
    with a fairly weak hand you’re looking to make a play. He pretty much gave
    it up on the flop when he checked behind. Plus I don’t think this was the
    final table yet.

  • Akshay V H 4 years ago

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  • myth2005 4 years ago

    u could see it in his eyes

  • smotpoker00 4 years ago

    great play

  • Spencer Baker 4 years ago

    f**k you. You know you would have done nothing of the sort.

  • IPAWNMYQUEENS 4 years ago

    i dont know maybe it was a good bluff… but i think he just got lucky to
    me the bluff looked totally stupid..