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Jamie Gold vs Paul Wasicka.

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  • Steve L 5 years ago

    Jamie Gold , one word BOSS. To all the haters, Jamie just lets them hate he
    made it to the top.

  • Alex Favreau 5 years ago

    fuck Jamie Gold

  • goblew14 5 years ago

    He sucks so bad him and yang are the luckiest people in the world to win
    this tournament

  • JadeTomZ 5 years ago

    verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry bad call.

  • Rafael Ramirez 5 years ago

    12 Million prize, too bad he lost half of it by betting.

  • Jowind 5 years ago

    props to wasicka. lotta class and grace in him.

  • ToXicTubeTV 5 years ago

    I would be as happy as Gold is to even get a 2nd place 6mil!

  • JamesMetalHead93 5 years ago

    i watched a video of chris moneymaker making a royal flush yesterday
    against Jason Mercier. Towards the end of the video Moneymaker said he knew
    he would win because he told his daughter he would to make up for missing
    her birthday to be there. Then i watch Jamie Gold, an unpopular player for
    his table talk and arrogance, make a call to his sick dad to tell him he
    won, with genuine sadness that he couldn’t be there to see him do it. Just

  • clayvision 5 years ago

    eh i think he actually is pretty good at manipulating opponents, but you
    just have to look at the logic of his game, and hes free money

  • ZacsGuides 5 years ago

    His mum’s a GOLD- Digger 😉 Get it 😉

  • Robert "Spade" Jackson 5 years ago

    This was a interesting video and 2006 was a interesting World Series. The
    first thing here is it’s easy to denigrate Jamie Gold and his win and say
    he just got lucky. He did get lucky but he was by no means a weak player.
    I’ve heard he was a regular at the Commerce Club here in LA and everybody
    there plays professional poker. In truth after about day 2 all the weak
    players are weeded out of the world series along with some world class
    players and all that are left are the strong ones.

  • Nick Lowry 5 years ago

    Lol the only reason his mum was so happy is because she knew she was gonna
    get some money. Partly because its her son but mainly cos of money

  • JaCody Smith 5 years ago

    i bet paul is kicking himself for folding that fd and str8 draw.

  • Victor Chan 5 years ago

    but paul fliped over his hand right away?

  • RAKIMALLAH12 5 years ago

    @3egnitsuj Only about 4 of the 12 million made it into Jamies pocket
    because of taxes and court settlements over split deals he had with other
    people pre tournament. He’s also been losing a lot playing high stakes cash

  • 98smithg 5 years ago

    Yes but if someone is trying to make a descision you should let them think.

  • bedardenator 5 years ago

    lol @ people defending jamie gold. If you knew ANYTHING about poker, you’d
    know that jamie gold is at best a average player, at BEST.

  • iwbljd490 5 years ago

    Robert Downey Junior should do a movie where he play Gold! There’s a big
    resemblance to me!

  • NegreanuBoy87 5 years ago

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  • Tehui1974 5 years ago

    You have to give Gold credit, he’s very good at manipulating his opponent
    to call or fold

  • John Pitucci 5 years ago

    Jamie might not be a good player at all but I think he would be a very
    likeable person, he may have seemed like an ass but I can imagine that he
    is a pretty cool guy

  • KyoDivine 5 years ago

    1st place and 2nd is a lot of difference man..

  • wallmunky503 5 years ago

    Damn, he’s good.

  • mrblink1823 5 years ago

    im sure he’s not complaining with 6 mil though

  • Blaise A 5 years ago

    Jamie’s Dad had been very sick, suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease and
    Jamie wanted to use the money in order to make his Father’s life as
    comfortable as possible. His Dad passed away in December 2006.