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2009 World Series Of Poker Main Event Intro (Best Ever)

2009 World Series Of Poker Main Event Intro (Best Ever) k buy in.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Ben Ostrow 5 years ago


  • Lee Stanley 5 years ago

    Epic intro. Wow

  • Masterpiece111 5 years ago

    @mrdaniwin its darvin moon.

  • tomrem100 5 years ago

    How can I get this ticket? Should I win a sattelite or just pay
    10thousands? lease answer

  • see you guys in the next main event video. :)

  • vplof 5 years ago

    Damn I have the dream but I dont have that freaking ticket

  • GioBamChad4ever 5 years ago

    this intro and the 2008 intro are the best ones!!

  • Teris Lalos 5 years ago

    @juanperez02 It’s a dream for everybody who plays cards to play in this,
    Somebody’s got to win it right? So why not you? Or me? Only 33 people have
    ever known, Howt it feels like to be the champion of the world, What it
    takes to be the last one standing, what its like to have a life chaning
    victory, or a victory that changed game Only 33 people can tell you,
    There’s nothing like it baby, It’s the greater feeling in the world

  • GioBamChad4ever 5 years ago

    0:16 – 0:47 is the best part!!

  • Tito Diamantito 5 years ago

    yeah! Best ever

  • Nathan Messenger 5 years ago

    You kids gotta be kidding me. I guess you haven’t even seen the older ones.
    While this one has its melancholic charm, the 2005 and 2006 ones are big
    time smashing. The field sizes were exploding back then as the poker boom
    was at its peak. Check them out: 2005: youtube[dot]com/watch?v=veKiQKFhLGc
    2006: snipurl[dot]com/24987ia You should also check out the intros for the
    final table episodes. Creating so much atmosphere, gives me goosebumps

  • Nathan Messenger 5 years ago

    Definitely one of the better Main Event intros of recent years. The piano
    part gives goosebumps. However it’s rather melancholic compared to the
    mind-blowing intros of 2005 and 2006. Back then the poker boom was at its
    peak and the player fields exploded, and so the intros were smashing.
    Because of the transcended poker boom and the shrunken field, the
    melancholy of this intro was appropriate. However the second sentence from
    Jen Harman was copied from 2007’s intro (first post-boom Main Event).

  • juanperez02 5 years ago

    could someone subtitle the 30 first seconds please.. and one more thing…
    what does hachem yells? is it english??

  • Lee Stanley 5 years ago

    Intro music from the start is Kyle Robertson – Embrace, beautiful intro.

  • xKcKilla xI 5 years ago

    Anyone know the second song, which starts at 0:50?

  • U4Euh60 5 years ago

    This is my favorite thing about the WSOP, and the reason I want to be a pro
    poker player… It always gives me chills…

  • ehlu15 5 years ago

    if all you needed was a dream, i would have won four already!

  • brett harry 5 years ago

    @tomrem100 pay 10k, play the best poker of your life.

  • GioBamChad4ever 5 years ago

    try to play this with the volume up very up!! amazing!!

  • mrdaniwin 5 years ago

    whos the first talking? sounds like darvin moon.. but its not possible

  • gary rando 5 years ago

    will be hard to top that intro, doubt could make one better for future years

  • see you guys in the next main event video. :)

  • fearthehawksndcavs24 5 years ago

    what’s the song at the beginning, with the piano?

  • Liam Lackey 5 years ago


  • GoodGameBaller 5 years ago

    Love it