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2011 WSOP Main Event - Final Table Highlights (2/2) 2012 WSOP World Series Of Poker

CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS FOR GREAT COVERAGE. TY!!! *** WSOP World Series of Poker 2011 Main Event Final Table. 2012 WSOP 42nd Annual MAIN EVENT, No Limi…

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  • Brant Lauweryssen 4 years ago

    I keep checking my facebook!

  • Heaven SNG 4 years ago

    @daradevil123 FU

  • TRoastable 4 years ago

    @frenchtoastmafia21 thanks for the spoiler

  • mjphoto58 4 years ago

    How can you muck your cards and still win?

  • StevvartGilligan 4 years ago

    that was stupid K-J all in

  • joshblaze92 4 years ago

    awesome hand.

  • MrGoldenPickaxe 4 years ago

    @kbloi102 come on…are you really that silly?

  • sirusjthoj 4 years ago

    @raduquu Lamb has bn lucky throughout. His luck jus ran out n he doesnt
    deserve to win. Shouldnt have gotten this far in the first place

  • Rain Kombain 4 years ago

    this is shit, i cant see the cards… not interesting to watch

  • mr3shootr 4 years ago

    Thumbs up if somebody was ACTUALLY on facebook chatting with you.

  • bmkarr1 4 years ago

    Staszko got so many pocket pairs

  • daradevil123 4 years ago

    fucking deutschland

  • LrsLzk 4 years ago

    I wanted him to win from the start… Yey.

  • teabaggervance8 4 years ago

    Ben Lamb went out like a bitch–and he stares at people so he can whack off
    to them later

  • 7Viperstrike 4 years ago

    @daradevil123 u jealous?

  • lordvaderhemant 4 years ago

    was Lon fucking drunk or something?

  • jokerexorxismsy 4 years ago

    Anyone else thought that they had a facebook chat message while watching

  • Michael Davis 4 years ago

    2010 was so much better then 2011

  • Crofty9110 4 years ago

    @718Gilbert lmfao so thats what it was…i kept asking someone if he was
    talking to me and i just wasnt recieving the messages hahaha

  • daywidthe88 4 years ago

    That hood looks ugly!

  • pstlwhppd 4 years ago

    Is that the KKK over there?

  • ksuresh25 4 years ago

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    I got some amazing tricks from it and now can play like a pro and kick butt
    multi-tabling without sweat.

  • TheLifeGrinder 4 years ago

    No. Luck is not involved in some games. Incorrect.

  • Chaz Sinohui 4 years ago

    All in with kj? He can’t even spell poker

  • maggotcorps 4 years ago

    i ended up close my facebook tab totally trippin like no one is sending me