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Greg Merson and Jesse Sylvia duke it out for the 2012 World Series of Poker crown.

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  • Brian211978 5 years ago

    Anyone else watch this entire final table?

  • Axilrod 5 years ago

    And to all of you questioning the play, this is deep in the tournament and
    it’s heads up, the value of hands goes up dramatically. Sure you wouldn’t
    want to call an all-in with QJ 9 handed but heads up it’s a totally
    different story. It was pretty much a coinflip with Merson as a slight
    favorite (56% vs 44%). Anyways both of these guys have done way better than
    any of you shit for brains will ever do, you don’t make it this deep in a
    tournament like this on luck alone (although you do have to get lucky), but
    both of them are very skilled players. 

  • Axilrod 5 years ago

    God there are some idiots in the comments, stfu you don’t know shit.

  • Tom Surber 5 years ago

    Totally agree! Class move by Greg!

  • JuicePats 5 years ago

    Which is why they’re battling for the world championship and you’re a cunt.

  • mrmacross 5 years ago

    Guess it’s lucky for them that you weren’t at the table to school them.

  • Albert Amadeo 5 years ago

    What a great Guy is greg, he pushed away his friend and went to Jesse

  • grungepolitics 5 years ago

    Yeah, I could just smell you were kidding… God is with you, ciao.

  • hisham borghol 5 years ago

    lol , i guess youre too much of an idiot to notice im kidding ps: im a
    muslim as well and i love poker ……. but i play it on facebook

  • grungepolitics 5 years ago

    Because she’s a Muslim woman? It’s people like you that shouldn’t be
    allowed anywhere.

  • conan edogawa 5 years ago

    fukin morron! lucky guy!! all in at the final hand with K5 diamonds (maybe
    looking for some flush) and the flop can’t find Q or J. lol

  • nathan berube 5 years ago

    very classy

  • mike sanders 5 years ago

    you’re an idiot if you think that. this is tournament play, they buy in for
    $10k and get like 100k to start in play money

  • rockxc124 5 years ago


  • hisham borghol 5 years ago

    too bad youre not allowed

  • mizamnechowder 5 years ago

    love this

  • NTRPpolice 5 years ago

    No, you are wrong. Those chips are not worth “cash” at all. Off the table,
    those chips are totally worthless. 1) Cash doesnt play. You cannot use cash
    on the table like you can in a cash game. 2) Those are special tournament
    chips and cannot be exchanged for money unlike regular chips. 3) All those
    chips represent is someones 10k buy in (or w/e) but they are not worth

  • DonCapone313 5 years ago

    ACTUALLY they are worth their value in cash. They just have to be
    distributed amongst a huge prize pool.

  • MightyGamble 5 years ago

    Ahm… you’re kidding, right?

  • Michael Quiza 5 years ago

    i guess the guy handling the cards had somewhere else to go.

  • John Juanda 5 years ago

    I had trips

  • NTRPpolice 5 years ago

    I’m not sure if you’re serious or trolling. Just in case you’re totally
    clueless–you cant “cash out” because this isnt a cash game. While those
    chips represent “money” they actually have no value unlike regular chips or
    stacks of money in a cash game.

  • Teddy Taylor 5 years ago

    I have respect for Greg merson. He went over and shook his hand before

  • Claudio Santos 5 years ago


  • james wong 5 years ago

    stupid QJ lmao theres really bad played