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Poker Fails


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  • Sandy Alma Jean 4 years ago

    Driving that fast on a lake full of boaters is a disaster waiting to

  • John Baker 4 years ago

    Crossed the wake, got air up under the hull, no deceleration, and that’s
    it. RIP to the two drivers and condolences to the families.

  • Gina Jett-Baker 4 years ago

    Lake Cumberland Poker Run boating accident that leaves two dead. September

  • Ashley Daniels 4 years ago

    Looks to me like he was trying to avoid that retard sitting there right in
    their path!

  • scott utah 4 years ago

    Poker run= don’t be stupid. Not a sanctioned race with proper support..
    Death for a card is not smart. Likely alcohol induced stupidity. Prayers
    for the families

  • South Dayton Builders 4 years ago

    You can see in our video that they were cut off by that white boat.
    Whatever that guy was thinking, who knows, no sense obviously. We were
    hanging out with the guys on the green boat the day before. We are still in
    shock, very saddened by this whole event.

  • Mike O' 4 years ago

    They were there for a exhibition, this was not a private day of boating.
    They played hard, they knew the risks. Since nothing graphic is shown here,
    it’s not disrespectful.

  • Ashley Daniels 4 years ago

    My prayers to both that lost their lives and I pray god gives you all the
    comfort you need! May god bless each one affected by this!

  • Todd Springer 4 years ago

    Really, you mean the boat didn’t have any business being on a public lake.
    Now that makes sense. As you can see, at the same time as the wreck another
    fast boat passes by with plenty of room to spare.

  • nocoolname32 4 years ago

    there are thousand and thousands of us who have never met your brother but
    we spend much time on here watching these guys participate in an activity
    that we can only dream of and would do in an instant given the chance, the
    internet can only give you a small sense of how much we are grieved by what
    happened, and we can only imagine how hard this must be for the families,
    thoughts and prayers from virtually every state in the great US of A

  • Leshie Mueller 4 years ago

    I am deeply saddened by the loss of your brother. I did not know him, but
    my family comes to the poker run every year to see the beautiful boats.
    This was a tragedy. I am so sorry for your loss :'( May God bless your
    family and comfort you all thru this difficult time. Continued thoughts of
    peace and prayers for you all.

  • prosperity1122 4 years ago

    Not “EVERYONE” knows about these events.

  • doc16holidayy 4 years ago

    We were just there watching it! Can’t believe that happened.

  • prosperity1122 4 years ago

    My deepest sympathies. I won’t disrespect them or their friends and family
    by assuming what happened, what should or should not have happened, or what
    didn’t happen. I grieve for your losses.

  • FlightReality 4 years ago

    These men were from MO

  • Mariah Moore 4 years ago

    I work for Craig at Appearance Products. We did the interior of Jeff’s
    Boat. Everyone at Appearance is saddened and our thoughts and prayers go
    out to the family, friends, and the Skater family of boaters.

  • Kristen Asbell 4 years ago

    I cant believe that was my cousins boat and thank u all for ur prayers.It
    means a lot to us all

  • Brandon Yowler 4 years ago

    R.i.p to the two people killed in the crash

  • DJEEPER 4 years ago

    looks like they went under the hull as it came down. Tragic :(

  • jason manning 4 years ago

    Very sad, Prayers for the family from mine.

  • josephflynn007 4 years ago

    I’m a member of the Wayne County Rescue Squad and it was a terrible site to
    see when we arrived. My heart goes out to these guys and their families.
    I’m a racer myself, but not in the field of water sports. Thank you to
    everyone who tried to assist in helping these individuals and EMS for doing
    their job. RIP guys.

  • Cathy Wingo 4 years ago

    Praying for the families of these two men……God be with you

  • duneprincess96 4 years ago

    the Smith family, friends of Brad and others…please cut out all of this
    nonsense. It really isn’t necessary. Grow up, have some respect. Rest in
    peace Brad, my dad and I will miss’ll never be forgotten.

  • Thomas Byrd 4 years ago

    good bye brad and thank you for helping me…tom byrd

  • john holmes 4 years ago

    Ashley, you look retarded yourself.