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  • Soving .S 4 years ago


  • Michael Scillo 4 years ago

    Anyone else think Evan sounds like Tosh.0? Which makes me love the vids
    even more..

  • tim ionescu 4 years ago

    Hey, can someonetell me where can I get that HUD from?

  • lil mikeboi 4 years ago

    Key Takeaway: Be more cautious preflop with the low pocket pairs when your
    short stacked. Resist calling when chances of hitting a set are slim

  • Igloo Wifi 4 years ago

    I finished 14th in the big 8.80 when pocketqqqq took it down for over $10k.
    Field was over 8000 people and what I remember most about this guy is that
    he was super aggressive on the last 3 tables and no one played back at him
    including myself. Just goes to show you that lag is the best play when
    you’re on the big money bubble. 

  • TheTittyboy69 4 years ago

    COMMENT 26:00 too short to raise fold A 10 and not good enough to shove utg

  • Mindaugas Jonaitis 4 years ago

    7:32 I agree with calling preflop, but I don’t think it is profitable to
    call a donk bet with a gutter and a back door flush only. Most of the time
    our opp beats us here. Looks like too fancy in an early stages.
    9:37 I don’t like this call too. If we hit our K but can’t continue on
    later streets so no point in calling preflop. In multiway pot our K10 be
    dominated by a lot stronger holdings from early oppener or even callers.
    Just let it go and don’t waste chips. Even then blinds are so small in a
    multiway it creates a big pot which requires more chips to put in.
    12:36 I would like cold 4bet here. The reasons for it are few: CALL means
    WEAK, RAISE means STRONG so we are building a stronger image about are
    holding by raising. If we get called by 3bettor we will have possition on
    him which is cool. If we get raised so lets call and watch the action. YOU
    Sorry for bad english.

  • Samy Azzam 4 years ago

    Hey Evan. At 29:00 why did you divide 9230/32? I understand the pot size is
    3280 but what does the 32 figure represent?

  • Leira Reed 4 years ago

    THAT SONG IS tizzzzighttttt

  • David Vanegas 4 years ago

    Hey evan, About the AK in the 14 minute I think call ist a really good
    play, 4 bet shoving dont like me to much because we have 60BB enought to
    play post flop and make good decisions. If the oponnent has AQ and he good
    and Ace in the flop, we can make a big pot and we dont have to risk all the
    torney in pre-flop. What you think???? sorry for my English I try me best
    ;). Thax for the videos, great work. 

  • WaariGaming 4 years ago

    COMMENT: 13:20 I think 4betting is the better option here as well. We get
    into some annoying situations post flop and lose value with the hand (as in
    we can get pushed off the better hand)

  • Freddy DeJesus Jr. 4 years ago

    KEY TAKE AWAY: Discipline Discipline Discipline! especially on those small
    pairs in EP…

  • Max Rotko 4 years ago

    KEY TAKEAWAY: Folding those pocket pairs like 77 from MP to UTG raise while
    30bb deep. I think after thinking back this must be a huge leak for me. I’m
    getting stacking, loving your vids Evan! Million thanks! And congratz
    Michael for such a great result :)!

  • BrentUMD 4 years ago

    Key takeaway – liked knowing don’t have to play every pair from every
    position when down into a reshove stack.

    Comment – thought the ATs lay down is frustrating but not end of world.
    It’s basically the exact bottom of your jamming range there outside of like
    a kqs kqo

  • Bob Romeo 4 years ago

    Hi Gripsed. At 26:40 with the ATs you said that we can raise and then
    evaluate the situation, but if we raise with 13BB we can fold to a shove?
    then why raising?

  • Ketan Salvi 4 years ago

    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about poker secrets tips try
    Cranstirk Card Star Channel (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some
    amazing things about it and my neighbor got excellent success with it.

  • Christian Pessini 4 years ago

    QUESTION: 26:58 The fold of the A10s, while situation depending, I think
    this a hand that could be opened deeper stacked UTG for sure (although not
    auto) I think that even the bigger stacks at this point need to have a
    pretty solid hand to call an open shove here, you have an A blocker,
    Loosing chops them almost in half, so while I agree that it is a boarder
    line shoving hand UTG on this stack I am curious, why the fold?

  • Pratik Mehta 4 years ago

    With the AK hand do we really wanna potentially flip for 60 BB? 

  • Scott Kazan 4 years ago

    damn can’t keep up with all the lingo, it’s like another langauge to me

  • Jon Doe 4 years ago

    evan need help logging into ur website… im already a member but there is
    no option to log on only an option to sign up

  • Rama Branch 4 years ago

    Key Takeaway: Evan is a fucking great teacher and video producer :)
    You’re really passionate about poker and that vibe flows on your videos
    making them very digestable and enjoyable.
    I appreciate that you do it for free when you could easily be making money
    from it so thanks a lot for your work and keep em coming! jaja

  • hans sommerlatte 4 years ago

    KEYTAKEAWAY: learned how to comment correctly and organized on future
    gripsed videos, which makes reading really more effective..Really great
    idea Evan :-)
    COMMENT: which is really a second keytakeaway: 19:05 ..Reminder of rather
    3bet a mediumstrenght-holding to a loose-opener than to fold it or flatcall
    with it.

  • Dylan Mc.Diarmed 4 years ago

    question- 14.37, just recently joined ur channel . u spoke about the 10 %
    3bet perc being wide , can you please say which percentage is seen as wide
    which is small etc ? for example 10% is wide range all small pairs suited
    connectors and 50% is eveything

  • Siim Haas 4 years ago

    COMMENT: 9:37 flatting KTo on btn, multiway

    This hand is definitely not in my default flatting range, but if this move
    is done to let’s say establish image or getting to know opponents, then

    My main concern is that KTo hits top pair or combo draws (~10 outs+) 29.5%
    and we have pot odds 28.6%. In addition there isn’t a good chance that
    current opponents have worse Kx hands. On the positive side we might
    dominate Caller’s Tx hands.

    Looking forward to blinds. SB seems like a flatting type guy, but BB
    hopefully is nitty enough to fold.

    Anyway, we end up in a 5 way pot and aggressive player from CO leads out
    66% of the pot, giving us 28.6%(1 : 2.5) odds to call.

    In my opinion, if not folded, the best that one can hope is to get heads
    up, but if BB or UTG stays in pot then we are very likely to be behind and
    in addition flatters like to peel and float(SB). As we called, we go to the
    turn 3 way, where we decided to end our journey.

    What could have been done differently?

    1) Personally I don’t like flatting in general, but here is a possible
    range for that situation:
    KQo+, KJs(loose), Axs, 76s-JTs, 22+
    Hands that have good chance of being dominated: KT, KJ, QJ, Ax

    2) If we think that CO can play his draws aggressively then, maybe min
    raise flop….? In hopes of getting heads up and free river (maybe even a
    free showdown). In that line, cost of min raise and calling 1/2 bet on
    river is exactly as much If we call 200 flop and 550 on turn.

    Obviously there are many “what if…” situation that can be analyzed here.

    To sum up our hand on a flop has a showdown value and with those hands our
    goal is to get to the showdown as cheaply as possible.

    Anyone agrees/disagrees?

  • Rafa Lee 4 years ago

    COMMENT: 12:35 I would like to flat with the AK when villain range is
    stronger like first guy open EP and he 3bets MP his range would be alot
    stronger and also his continuing range after a 4bet probably very very
    tight, but in this BTN x SB x BB i agree with Evan cold 4bet and get it in
    is more interesting.