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  • Gripsed 4 years ago

    Watch Team Gripster xxjayjayxx get busy in this one taking down $2k.

  • Markus Falschername 4 years ago

    this guy is ridiculously bad. 

  • Jibajaba11 4 years ago

    Anyone know the name of the software that he’s using to display pot odds?
    And also are the 3-bet percentages we see next to players names visible to
    jayjay or are they only available as a result of post match analysis? Oh
    and could you give me the name and price of that software too if its
    different to the pot odds one 😉 

  • Seaton1518 4 years ago

    55 hand was HORRIBLE! A 9 was pretty bad too ..kid needs work.

  • Igloo Wifi 4 years ago

    Key takeaway:

    First; kudos to our hero jj I think he’s played very well. One constructive
    criticism I will make is that I really don’t like the lead-outs with an ace
    in your hand once the board comes ace high. I much prefer you to pot
    control by check calling the flop and turn and betting on the river to
    extract value. I saw at least 5 or 6 spots throughout this series in which
    you could’ve extracted value from villains bluffing.

    Regardless, like I said; kudos and congratulations.

    Thanks Evan and jj! 

  • Doonie602 4 years ago

    Most times the small blind has better holdings then the big blind. Small
    blinds range is usually hands like A/Q K/Q K/J and J/J 9/9

  • coldnate 4 years ago

    KEYTAKE: New nickname for fishy randoms in live play: Nemo.

  • danman274 4 years ago

    COMMENT 4:00
    The queen of spades is the big bad card in the game HEARTS

  • danman274 4 years ago

    COMMENT 2:35
    I almost always bet the turn there for value when we’re playing with
    shallow stacks or I’m against a straightforward opponent. When I’m against
    someone more tricky, I’ll usually check to avoid getting check/raised and
    to induce some river bluffs 

  • LU4DeeepMan 4 years ago

    that game you talk about is called hearts? where the queen of spades is a
    highest scoring, 13, but in hearts you need to get the lowest :S

  • Stefan Holbek 4 years ago

    06:08: “OMG: He had JJ, That’s okay, we had the right price anyway…”



  • Tim Skov Jacobsen 4 years ago

    This series is one of the best in the playlist imo. Hero plays very solid
    overall, but still makes mistakes that Evan can discuss. For me the
    teaching experience goes up when hero does not play perfectly, since it
    creates opportunities to plug leaks. Thank you Evan and jayjay for this

  • tmlftw22 4 years ago

    5:25, if he 3 bets the UTG +3 opener would that make gregcalls fold knowing
    he wouldnt have the good odds to call with his marginal holdings?

  • marvin tan 4 years ago

    COMMENT: love the analysis on how to play the Cowboys vs the aggressive
    3bettor opponent 24:49

  • Akshay Sharma 4 years ago

    Hmm… ending it with an oxymoron – “Queens are ze weener”… LOL

    This is the best hand analysis series one can see on youtube. Well done and
    thanks Gripsed n JJ.

  • Jay Jai 4 years ago

    Hi evryone :) I’m a gripster :p! I’m making poker videos on my one… I’m
    knew so please come and watch my channel and tell me how to improve:)

  • Bin Gao 4 years ago

    where do i download the pokerstove on ur website?

  • David Newton 4 years ago

    old maid lol

  • Drumm Heilman 4 years ago – In Hearts, the
    Qs is worth 13 points, and the object is to have the lowest score.

  • TheMrMaxAllen 4 years ago

    Cheers grips

  • Timothy Clark 4 years ago

    evan you click through the hands a little bit too fast

  • Nicholas Steiner 4 years ago

    Q of spades is huge card in Hearts 

  • doug holloway 4 years ago

    Queens? Its kinda like rummy

  • Liam K 4 years ago

    Black Mariah?

  • marvin tan 4 years ago

    COMMENT: awesome squeez play with trash Q3o 21:15