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I was dealt four aces without the kicker on a machine while playing five hands. The video is of the draw for the kicker, unfortunately, I only hit one. Bu…

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  • CasinomanCT - Slot Machine Adventures! 4 years ago

    Wow, nice win–congrats!

  • John R. 4 years ago

    That sucks, you should have got at least 2 kickers? Still a great pay day!
    I joined you channel, great videos. I posted one also yesterday doing
    the same as you. Your video inspired me. I don’t know how I got it on
    video but it was awesome, just like yours

  • Terri Romero 4 years ago

    Very Nice

  • Marko Last 4 years ago

    Wow, I play video poker alot and had this happen maybe 9 times and love it!
    twice on a 5 dollar 3 play max bet. Great hit!

  • FREIVIDS 4 years ago

    What casino? Nice hit.

  • Max Better 4 years ago

    Nicely done. It’s always great to see folks win.

  • P2000Camaro 4 years ago

    @Mr19magic86 I really hope that your username doesn’t mean you were born in
    86.. Because that would mean you are the same age as me. But judging by how
    shitty you spell and how horrible your grammar is (not to mention you are
    an ignorant asshole) I would say you are about 12. I’m not even gonna
    bother explaining to you the reasons why your comment was..just plain
    stupid. And arrogant. And ignortant. No point. You would be too understand
    it anyway.

  • Eric Mauldin 4 years ago

    Holy crap!

  • P2000Camaro 4 years ago

    lol. I like the end “Nice…”

  • 9674jlb 4 years ago

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  • delandmona 4 years ago

    The “kicker” is a 2, 3 or 4 which changes the payoff on a double-double
    game from $800 to $2,000. Note the other 4 hands have different draw cards,
    only the bottom hand has a 4.

  • Asalieri2 4 years ago

    I dream of having this happen to me.

  • StowAlex 4 years ago

    NICE !!! I’m going to Veags in May for 40th B-Day. I play video poker
    primarily. CANT’T wait.

  • Dick Hertz 4 years ago

    @Mr19magic86 Maybe MrDickless86, you should spend a dollar on a dictionary
    or use spell check. This is legitimate and nothing like this can be done at
    home. As the great Keith Olbermann would say “You sir, are an asshole”

  • Max Better 4 years ago

    Yeehaw !! Way ta go !!!

  • Skankpronger 4 years ago

    nice hit ! but without that at $25 per bet those machines will suck you dry
    in no time. ive played these but at nickel or dime and quarter at most.

  • QrazedGaming . 4 years ago

    whats a kicker mean? with 4 aces?

  • Marko Last 4 years ago

    ak chin I bet! love that sound

  • VPHands 4 years ago

    @FREIVIDS Harrah’s in Phoenix. Thanks.

  • VPHands 4 years ago

    @attapattapie Thanks. I’ve had it happen quite a few times, but I don’t
    usually play Double Double Bonus, so rarely does it matter as much as it
    did this time since four aces are worth less in other games. Nice job on
    the $5 one.

  • djsmileyoflasvegas 4 years ago

    triple double bonus pays 4 aces with kicker same as a royal flush.4000 spin poker nine lines and they criss cross for better chances

  • Mr19magic86 4 years ago

    nice hit but to bad in wasnt at a casino it was probably in your house or
    some place else huh.first off there is not much light.second there not alot
    of noice and third it just say call attandent it soppose to say hand pay
    requiered please call attendant. but nice hit anyways and nice try trying
    to fool peaole

  • p rob 4 years ago

    that must have been a good feeling knowing that no matter what, you had AT
    LEAST $4,000 coming to you

  • ggomez1970 4 years ago

    very nice hit..

  • Sara Brown 4 years ago

    @Mr19magic86 Actually these machines only say “Hand Pay..” if you have
    accumlated more credits than the machine can pay or print a ticket for but
    which is under the taxable amount for a single hand win. The $5000 if won
    in 5 $1000 hands would say “Hand pay..” but for a single hit it just would
    say “Call Attendant”