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K Poker Tournament Win - 9 Buyin - Part 1

Team Gripsed Member Hielkuh Ships the bigger 9 for 56 Gs! Want to Support the Gripsed Project Training Project? Click Show More to find out How :) Sign Up…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • BoobiesHooray2 5 years ago

    It is interesting watching a good LAG player play. As a TAG player I find
    myself cringing and disagreeing with a lot of his decisions, but you can’t
    argue with the results. However, that last hand with the 6s made me sad.

  • Glenn T 5 years ago

    Some really different way to play some hands, it is so good to study what
    others are doing. And with Evans commentary along side these videos are
    amazing ! !

  • sr1129 5 years ago

    outro was pretty cool

  • Glenn T 5 years ago

    These videos are just as good as those which involve paying for, guys make
    a donation if you can Evan really does this for all our benefits for no
    cost that is awesome. ! ! !

  • marvin tan 5 years ago

    getting ready for WCOOP CHALLENGE 01 so need to rewatch and relearn then

  • Paul Siljee 5 years ago

    seriously these videos have made me so profitable in my MTT strategy.

  • Jenkinz2009 5 years ago

    is hielkuh german?

  • Mason Barrell 5 years ago

    Calling too much out of position for my taste, but congrats on the score!

  • Tristan de Boer 5 years ago

    I actually really like the 66s play. Only point is that it’s too fancy of a
    play against someone u don’t know that well yet. But i think hero never
    expected villain to have that strong of a hand. He would have expected
    villain to 3bet a hand like AQo, so therefore if villain has an ace, is it
    strong.. probably not? so can he take this kind of heat? probably not…
    But i think u should know villain better for that play… Keep up the good
    work, nice reviews!

  • Erki16 5 years ago

    video isn’t working for me

  • MusicalSawMen 5 years ago

    at 26:24, you dont take into consideration that the other players could
    have a hand ?

  • BikeTesters 5 years ago

    Evan, on 24:30 , you made a pokerstove calculation. But you did not mention
    the guy sitting UTG with a minraise. If he’s shoving, the spot is not EV +
    Was this realy a good call?

  • Jack Foxabbott 5 years ago

    thanks for another great vid evan :)

  • bildrwic3 5 years ago

    Love the outro!

  • Iamasuperuser123 5 years ago

    At 2:51 i dont like that donk lead on the river your not really going to
    get called by worse as fews players be perceived to be bluffing like this.
    When you check/call it should be to continue to check/call all 3 streets
    with this type of hand. 

  • ash jones 5 years ago

    Also he’s cashed 136k Kinda inspiring to see you dont have to be the best
    player to win big mtts, you just need high risk tolerence and no fear,
    getting those chips in, in high buy in games exploiting the fear factor

  • Matus Rejta 5 years ago

    I Still kinda disaggree with that TT hand on 9:45 yes we might loose less
    from the hands that beats us but. If the guy minraise i cant really see
    myself not 3 betting (If that should be a mistake please correct me ) PF
    and not check raise the flop or the turn cose since he minraised UTG his
    range holds a lot of broadways and what if a picture card´s gonna hit the
    board ?? Is he just gonna fold it (i cant see him folding) He might even
    got a little bit more value from 77. Yes u might be scared of some crazy
    98s holding but from UTG in early stage i dont think so and checkraise may
    give the other guy some equity of succesfull bluff on us but we might even
    dodge or exploit overpair easier , i jast cant really see the inside logic
    unto that i would certainly play it more aggresive. And ill welcome any
    other suggestions

  • Zak Everson 5 years ago

    I dont rate his play. Donk got lucky

  • MrStevie57 5 years ago

    he got lucky.

  • PokerEloper 5 years ago

    You’re neglecting the range of the UTG open when you stoved the AQss flat
    vs 17 BB 88 rejam.

  • ProgaMusic 5 years ago

    26:32 – ‘Running alright’ !!??
    If I could run as good as this just for ONE time…

  • EmblazNOR 5 years ago

    Sick Intro! GET STACKIN’

  • John Russell Tordoff 5 years ago

    Are you playing in the U.S?

  • HULKEN1UP 5 years ago

    If I ship a tenner for “SenorPokes”, whats the location?
    Btw thanks for all your work, its helping out big time!

  • Zack HS 5 years ago

    6:00 you said ” when the jack came on the river our opponent is very
    unlikely he has a flush” if our opponent 3bet us pre with Akdd or AQdd he’d
    have Cbet the flop same way he did, if he hit his nutflush on the turn and
    saw us leading out he also going to flat (Do you think he’s gonna raise the
    turn in that spot if hit the nuts?) Now on the river we were trying to rep
    the nuts pretty much or nothing right? if he’s got the hand we are trying
    to rep we are done there, if not he’s folding any other hand.
    Don’t get me wrong Evan I luv the play too coz our hero here rep’d a story
    and went with it. But, is it unlikely he’s got a flush? was the jack on the
    river the indication for the flush to be unlikely ?
    Thanks for this great project and congrats Hielkuh.