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00 Poker Tournament Win - .5 Buyin - Part 4

Team Gripsed Member InFlames86 Ships the Big .5 for 6.4K! Join Team Gripsed – Want to Support the Gripsed Project Training Project?…
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  • sr1129 5 years ago

    @gripsed no way serena thought that tnb flopped the nut straight. She deff
    thought two pair was good. Sick river.

  • wikKed76 5 years ago

    great vid, when’s pt 5 comin out?

  • Siim Haas 5 years ago

    Do you think min raising is good on button for unopened pot (blinds’ stacks
    are 20+ bb)? I’m leaning towards 2,5x raise so BB wouldn’t get so good odds
    to peel, also it costs him more to re-steal. 

  • thebirdman 5 years ago

    Evan why don’t you use a program like ICMIZER instead of stoving pot odds?
    Just because it’s +EV in terms of chips does not mean it’s a profitable
    call with ICM considerations.

  • John Griller 5 years ago

    7:38 LMAO I can’t stop laughing!!!! “Pitaouuuafmggh” hahaha

  • Darkangel2240 5 years ago

    Just won my first big tourney thanks to you 1st-7500 people

  • Keriks 5 years ago


  • beerdonk 5 years ago

    I think the most interesting hand is the min raise with J9 suited bvb. I
    would like to know what the intention was if the BB re-raised all in. Are
    you calling off 15 bigs with J9?? Are you folding?

    That hand is so strong that min raise folding is a mistake. Personally,
    considering the small stack/your stack in relation to the villain in this
    hand, i am shoving 100% there. 27 off…i am all in.

    Shoving any two in that spot could get hands like A9 off/55 to fold. While
    min raising could induce these hands to think they have fold equity and

  • 1216JPR 5 years ago

    When serena had AJ and flopped 2 pair and rivered a full house against tnb,
    i like the check back on the turn because it makes it look like she has 10s
    or KJ which could be afraid since its bottom pair. It also takes guts to
    river a full house and then check it. If i was tnb, i would have no doubt i
    had the best hand, after serena check calling the turn and checking the
    river. But its interesting how if a 5 came on the river, pairing the
    fives(instead of the Jacks), tnb shouldnt be afraid of a full house, but
    since the Jacks paired, i would have a slight concern for the full house
    because it falls in his range of hands. Sick hand