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  • MaxDiazm9 4 years ago

    Look at this hack omg /watch?v=iu4B3tBvKy0

  • jmans 4 years ago

    your call in 6th was dodgy considering you had a drawing hand heads up. at
    best you were going to split from the looks of it. as well, your odds of
    catching a low if you hadnt made it by 6th is really low, and the pot was
    so small it would have been better to fold.

  • funkacybin 4 years ago

    lmao… typical hold em player response? Come on man, you sound really
    really cocky like you’re one of those people that spend their whole lives
    looking down on people having a problem with what they’re doing, when the
    rest of us are just enjoying ourselves playing some cards.

  • jjaj6 4 years ago

    online stud is a donk fest. So many calling stations.

  • Fabio Gaucho 4 years ago

    I agree, that call on 6th street looks horrible. You were putting 2 dollars
    to fight for a 5.57 pot (just the low end). The only cards that would make
    a low better than the opponent are ace, five and six (8 is almost certainly
    no good). How can that be right?

  • tulemees777 4 years ago

    @trustintheheart agreed!

  • jmans 4 years ago

    typical hold em player response … one, heck, even two pair, is rarely good

  • 1heckuvadame 4 years ago

    calling with the 4s is correct. You missed your low, was obvious opponent
    was going low, you have enough money in the pot to make the call. 4s
    probably good.

  • idock11 4 years ago

    I like how you multitasked by lighting the cigarette and talking at the
    same time, also nice vid

  • vwazp 4 years ago

    i agree the opponent could very well have been going for a low, because he
    started betting when you where getting hi cards.

  • Vectornyi 4 years ago

    stud 8 is such a good game, no idea why ppl prefer this NL texas donk’em