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Learn when to call or fold in seven-card stud poker from a professional poker player in this free instructional video. Expert: Taylor Honkofsky Bio: Taylor H…


Seven-Card Stud


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  • miasma1616 5 years ago

    Couple things should be mentioned. 1. On your first hand, chasing down a
    flush – not always the best even if you need one more. Look at the board.
    If you have 4 clubs, board shows/ed 7… gives you 2 outs… not the best
    to be drawing too. 2. Should spend more time talking about starting hands.

  • ramitupursnout 5 years ago

    thanks rod

  • Rodney21a 5 years ago

    raise in stud the advantage is having two pair in the whole..but because
    you have them under people WILL try to draw out on you because they cant
    see your pair..also if the board pairs bigger than your pair fold Best hand
    is two pair in the whole and up card making it three of a’ll get
    all kinds of action and are likely to get a boat..also when looking for
    better cards look at what cards are exposed and reason what are dead and
    what is LIVE…

  • Da1337DoOD 5 years ago

    One tip from a beginner to another: Always try to remember the cards that
    were folded and watch what your opponent has. Because if u have for ex. 4
    spades but some1 folded a spade and ur opponent has some, its never a good
    thing to chase that flush draw ;]

  • ramitupursnout 5 years ago

    If you have pocket (hidden) Kings or other big pair wired with a junk door
    card, do you wanna bring it in for a raise or limp in and try to be sneaky?