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  • Lee Cave 4 years ago

    (i like the video) but 888 is the most fucked up site on this planet havent
    play there for a while so i thought id give it another chance in 5 hands i
    seen 6 pocket aces in one hand set over set over set and a idiot with j10
    hit runner runner straight pmsl im done with this site!!!!!

  • romio imam 4 years ago


  • Daniel Smith 4 years ago

    You say you play many tournys at the same time.
    How many do you play and how many would you consider too many?
    I realise different people would have a different ‘too many.’

  • jakesweet1000 4 years ago

    if 888 is so easy why don’t you just destroy people there?

  • Joël L 4 years ago

    Just unlucky I guess

  • Joël L 4 years ago

    What if Garry would’ve had 99 or 55? It was definitely in his range. I
    would have played it the same way, but I had it a couple of times that my
    opponents flopped trips in the same situation. 

  • Jon Paul 4 years ago

    Also again in the early stages, im not sure if the same applies in these
    bigger buy-ins but I like to play my suited aces or kings or even just
    suited connectors if I can get in on the hand for cheap so long as you
    proceed cautiously as you should be doing anyway, simply because you might
    bag the nuts and catch someone out with a hand, with the chance of an early
    double up to put you in good shape and it’s an so insignificant to your
    stack if you miss so it’s an easy fold. I think it can be healthy to poke
    for luck in the early stages because the later it becomes the more the
    blinds force you to play near enough all in everytime you get a solid hand

  • Kwautro 4 years ago

    That hand from the bb with J5s where you see a free flop. Why not ship it
    pre? Limpers range is weak, and he’ll mostly fold to a shove no?

  • Luís Faria 4 years ago

    jvieira114 is Naza114 on stars. Over 3Million in winnings

  • 4 years ago

    Some great advice, good work on the videos too!

  • chris mcclure 4 years ago

    Maybe he has a thing for axes hahhh.

  • Mikkel Liciouz 4 years ago

    Hey Evan, which program do you use to show the pot odds in the upper left
    corner ?

  • dynocompe . 4 years ago

    do you play poker in your underwear? or you usually fully clothed?
    Sometimes I pretend i am playing strip poker, and remove one item for every
    hand i lose

  • Gripsed 4 years ago

    I don’t play them. You say you find them hard to fold but it rarely works
    out well, sounds like you know what to do from here on in! Remember, it’s
    not your job to call people’s all ins and bust them out, BE SELECTIVE with
    the hands you call people shoves with. It’s much better to call all-ins
    with hands like suited broadways, big aces, and strong pairs 88+. You want
    to be able to dominate some of your opponents shoving hands, if it’s ALWAYS
    going to be a flip, the overlay isn’t enough to call

  • Icekuma23Chen 4 years ago

    Evan asks, Do you shove all in with 33 here? It’s a bad idea in every spot
    you got dealt 33 it had to get through several players. 1 v 1 though if it
    came down to it I’d think twice before shoving with it unless it’s the last
    option. With the Ace -5 after that flop I screamed “CHECK RAISE HIM!!!” If
    you flat he knows you caught the board. When you check raised him he
    probably thought you had paired nine and figured you thought he didn’t have
    an ace so put a tough choice up for you.*cough*

  • ekw555 4 years ago

    w/ 3-3 any hand that calls is either going to be dominating you (bigger
    pairs) or be a coin flip against you (two over cards). unless someone calls
    w/ 2-2 or a hand with a 2 in it (A2 ?, not likely) when your best case is a
    coin flip or a bit worse (you’re probably a underdog to suited connectors)
    you should wait for a better spot. if you had fewer BB left, you probably
    have to go with it, but it’s too soon to put your chips in w/ a baby pair.

  • playingfor4 4 years ago

    I just dont like the idea of waiting for the strongest hand and risk
    alot/whole your stack instead of trying to build you stack slowly ! :)

  • Matus Rejta 4 years ago

    Thank you for the video :)

  • Buk Lao 4 years ago

    and once you’re naked you start sticking fingers up your ass

  • beerdonk 4 years ago

    You beat yourself up over the hand you flopped the nut flush draw but i
    think of it this way. If the player is bad enough to flat out of the SB
    with 96 off then you making it 1900ish or shoving might not even get him to
    fold his hand. You possibly won yourself $7200 by not playing for stacks
    there. I agree re-raising is the play there, but this time the wrong line
    might have been the right line.

  • nathan hull 4 years ago

    ‘tool out’ is that similar to spaz equity? :)

  • Momyrs 4 years ago

    Can you post a download link to poker stove? It’s pretty hard to get
    nowdays, even most of the download links to equilab is taken down.

  • Richard Han 4 years ago

    Similar situation except he had a back door flush in my case. Dealt to
    Rsxlt [ 8s, 7s ] ragnoza83 raises [$2] Rsxlt calls [$1.50] ** Dealing flop
    ** [ 7d, 7h, 3s ] Rsxlt checks ragnoza83 bets [$3] Rsxlt raises [$6.62]
    ragnoza83 calls [$3.62] ** Dealing turn ** [ Kd ] Rsxlt bets [$13.11]
    ragnoza83 calls [$13.11] ** Dealing river ** [ Qd ] Rsxlt bets [$26.02]
    ragnoza83 calls [$26.02] ** Summary ** ragnoza83 shows [ Ad, 6d ] Rsxlt
    shows [ 8s, 7s ] ragnoza83 collected [ $91.75 ]

  • Sean Ó Briain 4 years ago

    I find it so difficult to play tournaments. Everyone spazzes out and go
    all-in with the most asinine of hands. I played one on Pokerstars last
    night – Some guy kept going all in with dirt hands, and winning. Eventually
    I hit an Ace-King suited and call. He wins with 8/6 off-suit. It was just
    ridiculous and not enjoyable at all to play. I’m back to the sit and gos,
    as at least I can win them and enjoy it. I really need to work on my MTT

  • Anders Kirkeby 4 years ago

    I agree, though from a more logical standpoint. Evan desides that the guy
    has a really wide opening range, given his position. His c-bet on the flop
    means little, since Evan already checked (and he would cbet with anything,
    right?) so I don’t see how its profitable to check-raise because the guy
    has nothing to continue with. I would expect the guy to fold alot. A call
    could get a 2nd barrel on the turn I would think. But then, Evan is a
    definitely a better player than I am :)