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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • TheRandomVideoGuy 4 years ago

    we were opening from utg hes not going to be shoven worse aces there at
    best we are racing

  • imnophd 4 years ago

    I’m just guessing, but maybe he doesn’t want to release it until tomorrow
    but wanted it upload and ready to go for tomorrow or Thursday.

  • InS0MnI 4 years ago

    Very good review !!!

  • TheTittyboy69 4 years ago

    either way we got this guy but I think the AJ is a call considering what
    this guy showed up with and with A6 in his spot prbly 3b folding would be a
    better play

  • Gripsed 4 years ago

    “Universal Replayer”

  • msrm55 4 years ago

    how do you spell the name of that program?

  • Shock Wave 4 years ago

    Lets take best case scenario. He pushes and preflop raiser folds. So he is
    either down 25% worst or up 25%. If he is called he is out. So literally he
    is risking all his chips to gain 25% stack at a time when he doesnt need
    to. He risks 25% of his stack and hits and then he gains 3x the amount with
    minimal risk. What do you think? Am I way off here?

  • Anthony Ocasio 4 years ago

    I kind of agree with Sean. Facing an obvious Squeeze, I think i’m willing
    to see a flop with AQo and re-evaluate.

  • Shock Wave 4 years ago

    At 6:45 you said that it would be a good idea to push with the KQ preflop.
    You have a great point, but thats a big risk. I liked the way he played it.
    He just calls and he floats. He minimises his losses. If he was to push he
    is behind and would need to hit if called. He would most likely lose if
    called. (he probably wouldn’t have got called but you never know) he floats
    the flop and hits the turn. So lets take worse case scenario.He doesnt hit
    and he is called. He shuts down and loses 25% stack

  • riedstep 4 years ago

    why is 45% the percent u wanna beat? i figured it would be 50%

  • Blinst 4 years ago

    Why is part 3 private? great video

  • Mason Bilderback 4 years ago

    ova dog flatted dieferson because he could see flop so cheap with good
    equity when connecting his KQ

  • topatopdigital 4 years ago

    Hi Gripsters and Gripsteress, this is ova dawg to answer you Evan, i think
    at 7:00 the main reason i only flat with KQ instead of shoving is that he
    was raising from EP. and i thought he could have a really strong range and
    decided to play a smaller pot in position. At 17:26 you right i should
    definitely check ,I thought i rep a strong hand since they were 3 people in
    the hand and wanted to make fold all his “air” Cbet range; but this make no
    sense since I am ahead of this air range with AQ.

  • Justin F 4 years ago

    Evan 1 suggestion I know it might get boring for you but it’s kind of
    confusing when you start a bunch at once, do you think it’s possible to
    upload them in sequence? :) Love the vids anyway, thanks

  • asteroceras 4 years ago

    Evan, at the end of this vid, you say that you are best off getting it in
    with 75% hands rather than flipping with 50:50s, yet against the hand range
    that you calculated, AQo ***IS*** a 50:50 in this situation, even before
    considering that the original raiser could have a hand too. Early in a
    tourney I can appreciate that you want to flip for a better chance to make
    the money, but when you are in the money with an ok stack, do you want to
    CALL all in when you think you are only breaking even?

  • H Schreijmen 4 years ago

    Nice video, I like the stoving. Could you use ICMIZER in a video sometime?

  • mawller 4 years ago

    right on the cusp – favourite line from the movie knocked up – 19:11

  • Eric Caudill 4 years ago

    “maybe you should stop watching those isuldur videos and watch a gripsed
    one”…How did he know what I was watching!? That should be like a gripsed
    team slogan.

  • Gripsed 4 years ago

    I’ll try to get familiar with that program then perhaps I can start
    incorporating it into the videos :)

  • Gripsed 4 years ago

    21:10 is A2s Are you talking about the AQ hand before where JDsmith9
    Checkraises us all in?

  • EmblazNOR 4 years ago

    Superb Evan! Love how you also go into mindset control! Great video! Love
    your work, and really appreciate it :)

  • Gripsed 4 years ago

    That sounds like a good idea justinn. I wanted to show contrast between
    solid play and wild play in the last 2 series’ and am just testing out this
    format. Starting in september I’ll try to keep it to one tournament a week,
    in sequence.

  • Sean W 4 years ago

    i really don’t understand that AQ fold at 21:10 i understand that you think
    he could be beat but AQ is too strong to just fold like its 66 there, i’d
    like a bit more explanation for why its a fold please evan

  • Glenn T 4 years ago

    It is at 20.35 marko who is very loose raises, then we flat and then
    Fedling 3 bet’s. I also thought we had quite a decent hand as i think
    Fedling was possibly isolating marko, i think i would have preferred us to
    3 bet then fold if Fedling 4 bet as isolating marko seem’s to be a
    profitable play..

  • TheRandomVideoGuy 4 years ago

    ova dawg plays almost the exact same as me. I maybe a bit more aggressive
    with light 3bets but mainly we have the same type of style. good videos
    evan I was railing u on sunday I spoke in chat but u didn’t see me good
    runs in the sunday mill and warm up