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Short video I made with my friend. I was just thinking of what it would be like using the Presuppositionalist argument in a regular setting.
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  • Volound 4 years ago

    that was brilliant.

  • Bunto Skiffler 4 years ago

    A87 doing his breakdown of philosphy, enjoy :)

    ps. I can’t do philosophy

  • 1140Cecile 4 years ago

    Nice one, autopsy.

  • Leopoldo Murillo 4 years ago

    Seth from The Thinking Atheist brought me here. Great video and subbing
    just because this analogy is so great. 

  • thelordmemnoch 4 years ago

    This is gold, though I thought the conversation would go something like

    “I win with a Straight Flush!”

    “How do you know that?”

    “Because you have a pair of Jacks”

    “How do you know that?”

    “Because I can see them”

    “How do you know that?”

  • Daniel Nego Sebastian Hårek Kjerstad Himmelmoe 4 years ago

    This was a really funny video, but I could be wrong about that.

  • AtheistRex 4 years ago

    Very apt…and funny.

  • Hyperplaterine 4 years ago

    Absolutely spot on. Brilliant.

  • Nexius 4 years ago


  • c4p0ne 4 years ago

    >> “You can see how fucking stupid the presuppositionalist apologetic
    argument is”

    Yeah but, you could be wrong about that! xD xD

  • Thezuule1 4 years ago

    That was fuckin great guys, bravo.

  • Mark Eunoia 4 years ago


  • OriginalTharios 4 years ago

    It’s even better…because I’m always telling people about how Poker is
    often one of the best analogies for life. lol

  • Voidsworn 4 years ago

    Hilarious :D

  • Ross Willett 4 years ago

    But how do you know?

  • AM0mentOfScience 4 years ago

    Fucking brilliant! Instantly faved this video!

  • geoangle 4 years ago

    So simple. So true. So perfect.

  • ExtantFrodo2 4 years ago

    In my best Homer voice…. *DOH!!!*

  • yinYangMountain 4 years ago

    Clever! Instant classic!

  • yinYangMountain 4 years ago

    Clever! Instant classic!

  • CakeTastey 4 years ago

    (great video)

  • Max Laufer 4 years ago

    Matt Dillahunty shared this on his facebook. Good analogy and funny as

  • corina 4 years ago

    Love your videos

  • vulpix 4 years ago

    “Fucking stupid.”

    When it comes right down to it, that’s really all there is to say.

  • Karen S 4 years ago

    May I mirror this?