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Jack Wilcox talks about a number of key concepts that will help you crush small stakes no limit. Coaching:…
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  • Thomas Minder 5 years ago

    Hey DA1337
    you have to raise your 10s on the flop!
    he tells you with that week bet on the flop “i dont have a strong Hand”
    this donk bet is normally really weak!

  • UKJunglist93 5 years ago

    Good commentating, will be watching the other videos. Thanks :)

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago


  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    Betting for information is an old school way of thinking and in certain
    circumstances it can be wrong. Checking to induce bluffs or to see if our
    opponent checks can gives us all the information we will ever need.

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    You can call the flop just be careful on the turn and river. Think about
    what strong hands your opponent will bet or if he has nothing and is

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    Thanks for your comment. Check out our new videos on

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    Sure does!

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    Mainly for 6max but can be implemented in most forms of poker.

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    More videos just been uploaded over on

  • Etienne Pace 5 years ago

    Rest in peace man! You helped me a lot

  • noholecard 5 years ago

    i like the hands that he shows… they’re not huge hands like full houses
    or sets which pros mostly show just to show off… these are MARGINAL hands
    that are more COMMON in real flops and as a result it’s a lot more
    informational since you come across these types of hands more often in live

  • noholecard 5 years ago

    i really like the way he explains it in an advanced concept, rest in peace

  • Etienne Pace 5 years ago

    Guys is this for fulllring or 6max?

  • aman nauruzbayev 5 years ago

    When u bet with k10 it really looks bluffy because only hand that value
    bets there is QJ

  • nrcsean 5 years ago

    does this series apply to 10NL as well?

  • tmartone4 5 years ago

    you are so far and away incorrect with the Ks10s example… if im OOP with
    any jack im check calling the river, theres no hand you could have that
    youre credibly repping there, draws missed.. and youre not betting a J or a
    Q unless its two pair (which you would have raised on turn) or AQ, but
    unless its AQ spades youre not floating.. so no, i totally disagree when
    you say “its hard for me to be bluffing here”.. i saw right through that

  • Da1337DoOD 5 years ago

    My real problem is playing mid-high pocket pairs when a high card hits,
    like TT on 7s9sKh and the villain leads a third pot or some BS like that.
    Most of the times I end up calling, but there is basically no card on the
    turn that would improve my hand enough to continue value betting and I
    usually check behind, allowing my opponent to realize his equity. Any

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    @Kozanda1000: Thanks for the feedback. If there is anything in particular
    that you would like to see more of just let us know and I’m sure we will be
    able to do something.

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    @baldybog Bankroll management is subjective. Dusty is probably just trying
    to demonstrate how stable and consistent a player he is with 100 b.i. BRM.
    As long as you’re prepared to move up and down there is nothing wrong with
    30 b.i. BRM. Most people watching these videos are in school or relatively
    new to the game. 100 buy ins won’t give them space to learn or experience
    different game dynamics. I doubt that Dusty had 100 B.I.s in his younger
    days, but maybe I’m being unfair.

  • baldybog 5 years ago

    really enjoying all the videos and concepts, but i find a lot of the videos
    contradict each other heavily, whether it be to do with 3betting ranges,
    bankroll management, lines to take in hands etc. I know there is never a
    straightforward answer in poker basically all of the time, but when I see
    Dusty Schmidt say in his book that we should have 100 buy ins then I seen
    someone on this site suggest like 30-40 it confuses me, Also I feel it’s
    odd why this guy would help us out for free how 2 improve

  • oclvcarbon123 5 years ago

    @james b he died?

  • Martin Dracheck 5 years ago

    Very informative, I’m definitely looking forward to future videos.

  • james b 5 years ago

    OMG THANKS. Very informative, glad to see people putting up videos of this
    quality for free.

  • WahranRai 5 years ago

    Hi Surely interesting topics but you speak to fast and it is boring to
    listen to you. take time and explain the things calmly !!!

  • PokerVIP 5 years ago

    @baldybog Thanks man. Jack’s death is extremely sad and a huge loss to the
    online poker community. He will be sorely missed.