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Learn tips on your actual odds of winning a particular poker hand in Texas Hold’em in this free poker video. Expert: Michael Sohaski Bio: Michael Sohaski is …
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  • thesevenpassion 5 years ago

    i could fall asleep hearing your voice. TALK LIKE A MAN FUKIN HOMO !

  • Kotsios Ant 5 years ago

    i have a pair of tens. what are the percentage….. blublublublu!! dring
    some coffy dude axaxaxaxaxa!!! you make me lauhf aaxaxaxaxxaxa!!!!!

  • ruspa86 5 years ago

    “rofl 3 times 16” WTF? Where did u get this weird stupid formula from? and
    by the way: who the hell told u to make pokervids?

  • LOLFLUSHDRAW 5 years ago

    @TehCube you are mentally challenged

  • Lihouification 5 years ago

    Tell me something I dont know, what a useless video

  • Bruce Faulkner 5 years ago

    this guy sounds like nick cage

  • Da1337DoOD 5 years ago


  • SuperHackmeister 5 years ago

    Love it!! pokerwinningsoftwaredotcom

  • wierdflex1992222 5 years ago

    wth is this guy thinking??? the number he gives us is close , but his way
    of doing it is totally wrong. the real way to calc this is to use binomial
    distrubution.. put this into wikipedia and u get how you do this. if u calc
    16/50- thats only for one card. but when u use the binoimial distrubution u
    calc the chances for one overcard coming up.

  • Mattchew903 5 years ago

    @lefty1999 bcus only 3 cards come out on the flop not 4 if you were doing
    the percentage on the flop and the turn then it would be multiplyed by 4

  • Steelfingers 5 years ago

    yeah but sucker got a straight there

  • K Lyght 5 years ago

    ZZZZZZZZZZ… dude, please take this video off!

  • personABOVEmeISaFAG 5 years ago

    so this is advanced and he has to explain what an overcard is… go die you
    old bag

  • Samuel Byrd 5 years ago

    @Da1337DoOD But my friend! Marijuana is God’s gift to the masses! Plus
    marjuana doesn’t make you like this. My money is on you’ve never even seen
    marijuana before in your life. You should try it sometime. It might just
    make you love everything and enjoy life more than you ever thought

  • xETERNALFARTx 5 years ago

    uhh what the fuck… if the 4 over cards are already out of the deck on the
    flop and turn wouldnt that mean the % that another overcard comming on the
    river would be less….

  • MrBanker2222 5 years ago

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  • high5ghost26 5 years ago

    for real you’re telling me that my chances increase that an overcard will
    increase on each street. how about my chances of my tt winning increase on
    each street

  • MrSpartacus151 5 years ago

    thank you cause i had a problem with that you made it so easy ty vm!!!!

  • roguefactory 5 years ago


  • Mark Moyer 5 years ago

    I don’t get it. Isn’t his math wrong? I get 70%! The chance of getting a 10
    or less on the first flop card is 34/50 (since there are 34 cards 10 or
    lower that you haven’t seen of the total of 50 cards you haven’t seen). The
    chance of getting 10 or less on all three flop cards is 34/50 * 33/49 *
    32/48, which is 30%. So the chance of this *not* happening, i.e. the chance
    of getting one or more cards over 10, is 100% – 30% = 70%. Please correct
    me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like he’s way off!

  • bangga602 5 years ago

    It’s Mr. Rodgers HAHA

  • SuperOldwiseman 5 years ago

    secret advantages of a poker pro is the best book about poker playing

  • RafaelAntizz 5 years ago

    so slow ..

  • lefty1999 5 years ago

    @barnumeffect5 he made a mistake by using the number 3 to multiply, he
    shouldve used the 2 that he talked about .. think about it the over cards
    that he talks about are 16 out of 52 thats about 30% of the deck how can it
    jump to 48% ? you see what am sayin’

  • Светослав Спасов 5 years ago

    Actually, the probability of a card higher than a 10 coming on the flop is