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Learn the values of each poker hand and which hands beat others in Texas Hold’em in this free poker video. Expert: Michael Sohaski Bio: Michael Sohaski is a …
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  • Joel Sadler 5 years ago

    Wha bout the straight flush moronz

  • morbidcurt 5 years ago


  • Jacob Rowley 5 years ago

    this was the most retarded video ive ever seen

  • NegreanuDan84 5 years ago

    @vierusco7252 Lol.. Allright I’ll hook you up my FTP name is zapgar6672 =]
    And yep I seen various pros talkin on their facebook wall currently you can
    register usin the code AMERICAS at the Full Tilt webpage. It’s a sweet
    promo deal. They will DOUBLE your 1st deposit also a couple other nice
    perks. Sucks but it’s limited to the first 3000 players that register with

  • Liquidreamer 5 years ago

    so straight flush and quad, which has the higher hand ??

  • anglianchannel 5 years ago

    fuck off advanced?

  • Joao Paulo 5 years ago

    dammm, that why i lose so many hands!!

  • whothq18 5 years ago

    lol Advanced

  • amen77787 5 years ago

    you forgot about the str8 flush

  • coffepotty 5 years ago

    relly advancened learned loads

  • Screamo1818 5 years ago

    WORST HAND.. AND THAT 3 OF A KIND BEATS FULL HOUSE. noooot….. waste of

  • jesusacostaesis 5 years ago

    each video should be reviewed by a true expert, before putting it in youtube

  • SlightlyStoopid70 5 years ago

    @zackmeeker2 a royal flush is a straight flush

  • laxballdmw 5 years ago

    i like this man.

  • Carlos Acosta 5 years ago

    oh man!!! so bored -.-

  • BennG157 5 years ago

    I’m sorry, but on top of how BORING this video is, the disgrace it
    represents when it FORGETS the straight flush, on top of calling this
    ADVANCED disgusts me. This is terrible.

  • zackmeeker2 5 years ago

    u forgot the straight flush

  • foolioperez 5 years ago

    @WannaBeBalla1 4 sure!!

  • Donderdrakie 5 years ago

    like a guy said before me, a straight flush is the same as a royal flush,
    its just called royal because it includes the king/queen/jack and its so
    very fucking rare :)

  • caar14 5 years ago

    what the fuck is this?

  • dudyx 5 years ago

    I only watch his videos before I go to sleep.When I hear this guy talkig I
    get really sleepy never mind what he says.

  • NoSoup4UBastards 5 years ago

    Are you fucking kidding me, advanced?

  • Stimpy59 5 years ago

    where is the straight flush?

  • leahcim tsuod 5 years ago

    I had a royal flush in a tourney once, it didn’t pay well as i checked all
    the way against habit folders just to share it with the table. I went on to
    win the tourney….I’m not saying I should make advanced videos just that
    you shouldn’t make advanced videos.

  • infernogamers 5 years ago

    yeh but he’s showing the best 5 card hands in order