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Advance Poker Tecniques goto
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Virus278 5 years ago

    wtf this isn’t advanced it’s beginner

  • Christopher Martinez 5 years ago

    that guy’s so small.. lol

  • marsupidzami 5 years ago

    video is ok, but this guy assisting Negrano looks like complete retard!

  • Mike Woodside 5 years ago

    thats pretty good odds right? *pause* thats pretty good

  • Rogerio34567 5 years ago

    He should make a video called ” How to protect yourself from donks”

  • Aassymcass 5 years ago

    This is pretty painful to watch.

  • jeremyhillaryboobphd 5 years ago

    @marsupidzami haha no shit obviously an actor, and a shit actor at that. or
    he could b a savant which is why he chops at poker

  • Leonardo Maia 5 years ago

    dont try playing small ball in a small stakes game. youll just get pissed

  • dimitris sehu 5 years ago

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  • Warbucks 5 years ago

    “that sounds abit reckless, like a maniac” = ACTOR

  • Christopher Martinez 5 years ago

    that guy’s so small.. lol

  • This was painfaul to watch. The sad thing is some poor sucker probably paid
    to watch this. The acting was pretty funny though.

  • Brucy6666 5 years ago

    ahhhh so thats how professionals play….. raise 500 chips every time.
    Gotaya 😉

  • millsy1987 5 years ago

    Negreanu picked this guy out of all of the people there?????

  • stevethetree1991 5 years ago

    cole hooper is a really good actor!

  • HaxedZombie 5 years ago

    wtf is wrong with his chin?

  • perfectdonk 5 years ago

    This is not an actor, but it’s rehearsed…cmon listen how he asks Daniel

  • stevethetree1991 5 years ago

    hooper: “so there’s a method to the madness?” negreanu: naaaaah i’m just
    fuckin with ya.

  • beninjamin 5 years ago

    bad quality

  • just beenpaid 5 years ago

    Need to know more…Great job…

  • Daniil Andreyevich 5 years ago

    “You have a good Ace, but you don’t have a very good kicker.” Is there a
    bad Ace? I personally hate the shit out of Ace of clubs…. just sayin’.

  • ceilingkatt 5 years ago

    what the fuck is this shit

  • 1994anmol 5 years ago

    yeah he’s an actor, look at the way he responds…… Clearly scripted….

  • Akram Amin 5 years ago

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  • p1dg3 5 years ago

    geerrr, i think i’ll raise…let’s say 500 chips