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Jason ‘JCarver’ Somerville discusses some interesting aspects to what would appear to be just a normal hand. In this course Jason guides you all the way thro…
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  • ronstero 5 years ago

    He doesn’t seem gay…oh well!

  • end1dream 5 years ago

    Such spiteful comments… Awesome job on the analysis there.

  • dmastac 5 years ago

    good analysis

  • sküll düggery 5 years ago

    well it’s not like spotting a toupee…

  • mrqwertyt1111 5 years ago

    @chiyocide awesome prediction bro

  • Jonathan Mazo 5 years ago

    Id be much more likely to check raise if there were just three players or
    maybe four players in the out. Five is too risky for me, somebody could
    have easily check trips or something even tho that’s a bad play

  • devanpy 5 years ago

    Video would have been a lot more enjoyable without all that stuttering.
    Might wanna work on that bro.

  • shiva shetty 5 years ago

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  • Chris Choy 5 years ago