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  • marby602 4 years ago

    Brutal TURN !

  • takahirosanndesu 4 years ago

    Look at him showing weakness before the all in, hoping Allen would call
    with a straight, flush, two pair etc etc… NOPE just quads haha. Poor guy.

  • EJ920 4 years ago

    sick hand

  • carson032000 4 years ago

    allen is always the best

  • chewynickerson 4 years ago

    dude’s expression at the end says it all….actually feel bad for him, lol

  • Tforgiven12 4 years ago

    Dealer’s hair is fine haha.

  • Trias805 4 years ago


  • flip92 4 years ago

    shit haircuts at this table holy fuck

  • TheMacki95 4 years ago


  • ilovejaysean27 4 years ago

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  • José Manuel Romero Lara 4 years ago

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