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This is a rare, limited edition wristwatch made by Fossil Watches, in celebration of the ALIENS film. The watch was released in the late 90’s (1997 if I remember). I’ve had this piece for a…
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  • tessjess1 3 years ago

    Very unusual collectors piece E and have to say i really like it ,good on
    you for keeping it ! Hope your good and well and wish you a merry xmas
    sister if i don`t catch ya before then Kev!

  • eivoMSeb 3 years ago

    One day I’m gonna buy this watch ! I don’t care if I have to sell my
    testic…. I mean my figures. This will be my 17th watch ! Beauuuuuuuutufil
    ! I might make a video of my watch collection one day. What’s really cool
    with this piece is that you can actually put the egg next to the 1/4 alien
    figure or statue if you have one. The size Looks just perfect. AWESOME

  • TOOMANYFIGURES 3 years ago

    wow I’m the never knew it existed group lol. is there a men’s/women’s or
    just that one? it’s very awesome even for the egg alone

  • Residentevil95721 3 years ago

    Very nice piece didn’t know they had this out, by the way 2.0 Power loader
    is coming CANT WAIT !!!!!!

  • Trey Porter 3 years ago


  • Robert McDermot 3 years ago

    Looks beautiful, thanks for sharing :)