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Catch this epic hand from Shark Cage episode 7 as Miss Finland Sara Chafak goes head to head with Pro Ronnie Bardah. Don’t miss the next episode or any of our videos. Subscribe here: http://psta….

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  • HeavenlyEx 4 years ago

    This is so stupid. How could that guy fall for that? I play like this when
    i play with my friends. Its very common for begginers to bluff with all-ins
    a lot. She was dumb and he believed her.

  • Psychobingo 4 years ago

    You can totally see that she has the worst poker face possible. The amount
    of insecurity just shines through in her face and voice. Secondly, shes not
    really that pretty. Even with all that tv makeup she still has a face
    filled with zits.

  • IamYou86 4 years ago

    Aaaaaand the comments have devolved into a discussion about her looks or
    what she must be like in bed. That took about 3 minutes. /sigh

  • Buujineti Susanoowo 4 years ago

    This guy is fake as hell , he knew girl was bluffing, he just wanted some
    pussy.. Either he just got the pussy so he gotta play his position or he
    tryna get the pussy by giving her upper hand…

  • nanonoko 4 years ago

    Nice hand! Well played!

  • David Zee 4 years ago

    Well she really polarized her hand range. Let’s go through possible hands
    that play this board.

    Flop: Qs 5s 4c

    Turn: 4d

    River: 6h

    AQ – This hand raises preflop and does not raise the flop
    QQ – This hand raises preflop
    Q5 – This hand is a threat
    54 – This hand is a threat
    Q4 – This hand is a threat
    67 – This hand is a threat
    23 – This hand is a threat
    55 – This hand is a threat
    Any flush draw is a threat

    So now we have our “threat range”
    Her shove on the river immediately polarized her hand range by saying I’ve
    got a full house or nothing. The turn makes 67, 23, Q5, and flush draws
    fold due to how much action occurred. The only hands that can really call
    there would need to involve a full house.. i.e Q4, 45, and 55. The first
    two aren’t as likely since it would be the case 4. SO that leaves 55. It
    only really comes down to 55 or a pure bluff. I’d still have called, but
    it’s easy to say that when you can see their hole cards.

  • Bourvil-GoFast 4 years ago

    I tought Finnish girls were pretty !

  • Victor Fraga 4 years ago

    I don’t think people here are giving this guy enough credit.. she limped
    (inexperienced players like to do that with small pockets) preflop, check
    raise flop, bet reraise turn, at that point he puts her in exacly 55 wich
    would be the only hand that makes sense except the case she went nuts with
    any2 and i bluffing crazy.

    But also must be said this guy is a survivor, he cashed in 4 years in a row
    in the WSOP ME i think, something like that, he lives for that “above
    15bbs” rule 😛 He knows how to survive and a wrong call there would just
    eliminate that wich i strongly think he doesn’t want to.

    Anyway, she played badly and i think he played allright, sometimes we make
    the wrong decision at the time, but we got to make the most of what makes
    sense to us. Her sizebets were way off, but as he said, he didnt have much
    information about her to make a metagame out of it.

  • RealXFool 4 years ago

    Stupid Bitch doesn’t even know poker… ;/

  • Oli Djien 4 years ago

    where the fk is finnland?

  • Lunis Surati 4 years ago

    She was clever. Not the bestest player obviously, but definitely clever.
    Knowing what’s at stake in this game its obvious why he did that. But she
    nailed it 😉
    Btw, I don’t know the relevance of pointing out her appearance… ??

  • djamiljo93 4 years ago

    I suck at poker I don’t know hands and yet I find this is bullshit. It is
    hard to read women facial expressions but when there is that much money on
    the table just go for it until the end when you hand a good hand I mean
    wtf! She’s probably not even playing with her own money because that’s how
    I would play with friends with monopoly money because I don’t really poker
    and don’t care to be out and just watch them play xD

  • pokerfish5 4 years ago

    Pretty much this could have been all avoided if he just flats the turn. He
    unnecessarily bloats the pot with a re raise here and then she came over
    the top which then he is forced to call and re-evaluate river. By raising
    on the turn he gets rid of flush draws probably any queen and any bluffs
    she has in her range. Not a great play by ronnie and they call him a pro
    lol. Also he has good show down value so check calling river would be the
    right play after he check calls turn. When you play against amateurs who
    don’t understand the fundamental concepts of poker and make plays like
    these always good to play it a bit more carefully until you figure out how
    they play and then exploit them later in the game. I also don’t blame the
    fold on the river by him, i mean in all honesty he is probably crushed. In
    that spot by Sara after re-popping Ronnies re-raise on the turn she atleast
    has A-4 here but at the same time it’s really all she can have. Either that
    or a bluff, i dont think 45 or 55’s do that since all she is doing is
    getting worse hands to fold and she has position on Ronnie. Then again, she
    is an amateur so she probably wouldn’t analyse the hand in that way so it
    is hard for Ronnie to put her on a hand. However, she made a smallish
    re-raise so Ronnie has to call anyway and especially since he has trips.
    This is the problem with amateurs some pros do not know how to deal with
    them and are confused by there play. As i said earlier best way is to play
    small pots at the beginning feel them out and let them make the mistakes.
    You’ll soon realise their gamestyle and understand how to play well against

  • RAYDi8OR 4 years ago

    Why is everyone saying she’s ugly? I would have her if non of you will.

  • Hanamichi6666 4 years ago

    being bluffed by a woman in that way… quit poker forever and for miss
    donkey go back to the kitchen

  • IjashanI 4 years ago

    the other woman is quite attractive too, whos she?

  • MrTedMcForehead 4 years ago

    Wow, fuck the poker play this woman is ridiculously hot…holy shit

  • KOforLiddell 4 years ago

    I always try to put myself in the position of the “blufee” before judging
    anyone (online players always act as if the professionals are fucking
    stupid). In a regular game against pros, this would be a horrendous fold
    (no flush draws on the board, and a relatively unlikely straight draw). But
    going against some amateur like Miss Finland, I completely understand
    Bardah thinking she hit trips (5s, 6s, or Qs) based on her aggressiveness.
    Unfortunately for him, Miss Finland has balls.

  • GaborBartal 4 years ago

    *People.. it’s TV*. All scripted. Cages? What on earth. Just like reality
    shows – inviting some sad-ass model in a pro game where she otherwise
    wouldn’t belong. Who would watch the show if it wasn’t for pre-agreed
    twists like this?

  • Darjan Stojanovic 4 years ago


  • TooSurreal NZ 4 years ago

    Although the “bluff” pulled off in the end. Her poker playing is undeniably
    terrible. Worst all-in I’ve ever seen. Just goes to show, she doesn’t know
    what the hell she was doing and it paid off which saddens me. I’d say it’s
    more embarrassing for her than it is for the guy that got “bluffed”.

  • Jesus Christ 4 years ago

    1 its not her money so
    2 she doesnt give a fuck about it and
    3 probably was angry at the dude whose money it was and
    4 bored and wanted to end it quickly, she didnt think it would work.

  • Minkki82 4 years ago

    what the hell is the shark cage? btw shes former ms finland and obviously
    has some middle eastern blood in her. finns dont usually look like her

  • Daniel Menase 4 years ago

    Can somebody tell me what heats are? I’ve heard that word used with the
    party poker clips I’ve seen on youtube.

  • Nick Duke 4 years ago

    She could have easily QQ or 55. Ronnie didn’t make any mistake.
    It looks like as she didn’t want to play anymore, and she just wanted
    “suicide play” to finish it.
    I see in her eyes and her face in all,.. resignation and insecurity mixed
    with boring,…with a touch of simpleton stupidity, probably is cause I see
    cards that are played,..but a good player would mixed that with a simple
    “beginners fear from success,.. mixed with impatience”
    Logic would never win in this situations, simply cause It’s Logic,..
    This is no guts or well played or bluff,…..this is a hand of one
    simpleton who would win one hand like this just cause do not care at all or
    stupid enough in all
    I do not know how tournament ended,..but I bet she was out fast after this

    or,… they could arranged all this, because this has become a reality
    show…that is also one of the probable answers