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Amazing river bluff. Steve Gee vs. Jamie Robbins. 2012 WSOP ME World Series of Poker Main Even

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  • benjamin carmine 5 years ago

    how can you fold that?

  • endlessmountain 5 years ago

    check call on turn was very weak.

  • JOE Quackenbush 5 years ago

    if jack didn’t come out he he prolly would of called even if a club came
    out i’m assuming

  • Nima Ghaisar 5 years ago

    Check call usually is the worst play.

  • hotcai1 5 years ago

    he lost this hand on Flop (psychologic)

  • Kangjie Liang 5 years ago

    The reason why Steve gee lose is because he shows his weakness

  • Bryan Pena 5 years ago

    easyyyyyyyyyy call easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Hubert Juszcz 5 years ago

    folding top 2 pair in head’s up with only one straight draw possible no
    flush options only sick full house call about 2 milion fold 1,6 pretty
    stupid fold and no doubt about it

  • lDroff 5 years ago

    Okay youtube pro. I’ll take your opinion for it.

  • Philandros 5 years ago

    There are fairly many hands that can beat his two pairs, pocket kings,
    pocket aces, pocket 7’s, any jack hand and queen 10. I’m not saying it’s
    like that he has either, but the possibility was there.

  • murali krishna 5 years ago

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