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Day 7 highlights of King dealing the ESPN feature table at the 2010 World Series of Poker.
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  • hiloyo63 5 years ago

    Ace, good but you ain’t that good .

  • Joey SIerra 5 years ago

    soooo.. you are a casino dealer uploading videos of himself?

  • bottleracket 5 years ago

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  • John watson 5 years ago

    fck a squeeze play jsut dont 3 bet unless you got it lol

  • TheEXpothead 5 years ago

    a good dealer gives 5 gram / gram you pay for when you buy weed XD

  • JayDee SV 5 years ago

    china’s fat dick…? that’s an oxymoron

  • DrTheKay 5 years ago

    dumb americans

  • tzvikiii2 5 years ago

    Every Country sucks America’s Dick… Deepthroat preferably