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Aussie Millions 2014 Poker Tournament – Main Event, Episode 1 2014 Aussie Millions poker main event episode 1, 668 players registered, but we’re down to the final seven . Watch Scott Seiver,…

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  • Diego Thomas 4 years ago

    13:13 How many times does he say the word “like”? LOL just an insane

  • Flave 4 years ago

    l0l at 23:00 before the break scott has 360k after the break he has 1.2m
    not worth showing on tv right…

  • wowcrack80 4 years ago

    as soon as I hear that commentator Paul’s voice I just shudder – he makes
    Australians sound so stupid – please can we get someone with some wit – not
    just a passive goofball who makes obvious observations. 

  • Mozdk1 4 years ago

    When was this played?

  • pokemonpoul 4 years ago

    which chips is that?

  • Michael Donahoe 4 years ago

    One of the most awkward interviews of all time at 13:13.

  • Radford999 4 years ago

    20:00 wtf is this? I know what Daniel is trying to say but I mean, just a
    call on the river? Come on man you gotta raise there.

  • EverDayBest 4 years ago

    horrible commentators

  • martijndehaan8686 4 years ago

    Its just like, like, like, like, like

  • Orang Africano 4 years ago

    Hello Poker Pussys and Amateur Wiseheads.

    Look at 30:18, this guys is such a dumb fuckup, who backs this loser?
    he has the nuts, then seiver bets half his stack, so he will bluff the rest
    after the river for sure, but dr. Donkey-Kong-Mizzi elects to shove all in?

  • aeperformance48 4 years ago

    how did 7 high beat a pair of 2s? @ 8:20

  • gwcgwc1 4 years ago

    Stapes not allowed into Australia anymore?

  • xxxpistolpetexxx 4 years ago

    Can these commentators please go die in a grease fire? tyvm

  • bohemia187 4 years ago

    30:13 y all in