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varkonyi with an awesome bluff at the world championships in vegas.
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  • tqsuited 4 years ago

    No solid read there, he just knows the only way to win the pot is a bluff..
    and just hope Scotty folds.

  • Carlitos Way 4 years ago

    This was a good bluff 10 years ago.

  • Michael Watkins 4 years ago

    +TheloniusMaximus if the river turns a ten, Varkonyi’s straight is King
    high, Nguyen would have the ace high straight. It’s called the dumb end for
    a reason.

  • 2s7a2m7 4 years ago

    ha this isn’t a good bluff… all he did was scare him

  • MrPokerfree 4 years ago

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  • TheloniusMaximus 4 years ago

    I dont get it… At 0:56 the announcer says there is no card Varkoni can
    draw on the river that would beat Nguyen’s Jacks… but what if the river
    turned up a 10? Varkoni’s straight would for sure beat Nguyen’s Jack’s.
    This is confusing me…

  • Gmichels07 4 years ago

    This bluff is standard at best. How these players ended up on T.V. is
    beyond me. Gamblin man @ (

  • Zymergy99 4 years ago

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  • MrChunkyMonkey79 4 years ago

    all you guuys commenting like “oh, that wasn’t awesome, he could of just
    flopped the queen by folding the jack”, are neeks.

  • JDLupus 4 years ago

    Piss off.

  • UJu5GotOwn3d 4 years ago

    @Denmarkianboyy idiot

  • Randomizerad 4 years ago


  • Paragon Minya 4 years ago

    Damn I guess they couldn’t read his… Puts on shades…. Poker Face

  • brogdon12345 4 years ago

    @999Gunshot what are you looking at? the board shows J Q K and Varkoni has
    a 9 in his hand. so a 10 would make it 9 10 J Q K, making a straight. And
    to answer theloniusmaximus, there is no card that he can win with because
    even if a 10 comes up, Nguyen will have the higher straight (10 J Q K A)
    because he is holding A J.

  • pogoman555 4 years ago

    this is not awesome. this is an average bluff

  • ToniMillerPOKERcom2 4 years ago

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  • BestPokerCoaching 4 years ago

    Why do the spambots have so much thumbs up?

  • parodyhunters 4 years ago

    @BraydonSzafranski its not 3000$ its just chips

  • calugcug21 4 years ago

    @TheloniusMaximus noob

  • hXc232 4 years ago

    @theiveslikeus so you are saying poker doesn’t apply to poker if it is just
    for entertainment?

  • 999Gunshot 4 years ago

    @TheloniusMaximus varkoni also needs an 8 to make a straight, which isn’t

  • 1TOPPATOPPA 4 years ago

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  • Trevor Chau 4 years ago

    thats karma for knocking out scotty

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  • johnsmith7490 4 years ago

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