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I’m back from the grave for part 3! Comment your thoughts below and check out the links to get in touch and hear about the upcoming training site. Follow @tr…
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  • Lorrell Brooks 4 years ago

    Nice video!

  • Mickey Mouse 4 years ago

    John, next time use a condom FFS!

  • OGmagee1234 4 years ago

    This footage is so old I remember this match it was a little after black
    friday I was transitioning from full ring and was wayyy too tight for HU.
    After reading some of your 2+2 responses on hands I decided to look your
    channel pretty random to find out I’m the villain in the first video I
    click :) I had AK again in the hand you had J10 if I remember correctly,
    could just be mixing up stuff but I remember thinking it looked like I was
    tilted (I probably was a little). Do you still play on Lock?

  • Reid Young 4 years ago

    Thank you, sir! I’ll keep cranking ’em out

  • cooljoe28 4 years ago

    A more typical villian’s range would be polarized on the KT2sss board
    because he would be 3betting preflop with all the value hands that would
    smash this board but because of his preflop passiveness (we haven’t
    established his postflop tendencies yet) his range on the KT2sss board is
    actually much wider and the flop 3bet is incidentally a great raise. Nice
    vid =)

  • Reid Young 4 years ago

    We could, I think I’d prefer calling. So calling > raising > folding.

  • Reid Young 4 years ago

    Ha, that’s quite the coincidence! I don’t play on Lock. As things were
    noticeably becoming worse for the network, I decided to cash out.

  • Matthew Marinelli 4 years ago

    At ~ 12:30 in the J10 where you get 3bet and think he’s basically FoS, why
    can’t you just throw in a 4bet to like $10.25? Are you worried he’s at the
    point where he’ll say FU and jam like A6s or something? While I agree he’s
    going to have a very wide bluffing range preflop, I’d prefer to just take
    it down immediately as opposed to letting him see a flop. I know ur hoping
    he’ll spew postflop, but its entirely possible you’ll run into some RIO
    spots when you hit a pair I think.

  • stevesetsfire 4 years ago

    keep up the good work. Im watchin all your vids

  • Reid Young 4 years ago

    LOL, his brother said the same thing! We drove to the lake and I think
    that’s what got me