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Video is for users new to Holdem Manager.
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  • Brejci1 5 years ago

    Calling is worse than betting (we want a fold). I dont understand it…It
    means, if I dont really like my hand, I should raise or fold, not call ?

  • M0rph3us67 5 years ago

    Hiya – just thought I’d throw this out there. Do you think its important to
    also consider their aggression factor combined with WTSD? Someone could
    have a WTSD of 25% but have an aggression factor of 10, this could mean
    they are constantly betting people out of pots on the flop, turn or river
    with complete air. What do you think ? Cheers

  • HoldemManager1 5 years ago

    Correct. It’s not a hard rule, but when you are learning poker, it’s better
    to find out where you stand by putting in a bet early or just letting the
    hand go. Calling sets you up for more mistakes later in the hand if you
    don’t have a strong hand. If you bet and get a call, you know you are beat.
    Other times you will take the pot down right there.

  • Peter Bond 5 years ago

    Isn’t that obvious? Calling possibly leads to difficult decisions on
    turn/river.So either fold or (semi-)bluff raise and take the pot right now.

  • HoldemManager1 5 years ago

    M0rph3us67 – I never really thought of that, but I would agree looking from
    the outside. I created these “Basic” videos so people can understand the
    basics of how we use Holdem Manager to make decisions at the table. I’ve
    personally never been a fan of using agg factor stats even though most
    players do use agg stats religiously.