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Learn how to play different types of poker games, including Texas hold ’em, in this free video series that will teach you many of the popular styles of poker…
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  • MistaMase102 5 years ago

    dude has no emotion on his face.. i bet he has a great poker face lol

  • meghana m 5 years ago

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  • Aces Hangout Poker 5 years ago

    *New to Texas Hold’em Poker?*

    Watch this minute and thirty second video to help get you started.

    Basic Rules for Poker Games : How to Play Texas Hold ‘Em

    Also, here is a great site that gives excellent descriptions of the various
    winning hands in poker.

  • Casino Jones 5 years ago

    A quick and simple video on how to play Texas Hold ‘Em.

  • Casino Jones 5 years ago

    A quick and simple video on how to play Texas Hold ‘Em.
    Basic Rules for Poker Games : How to Play Texas Hold ‘Em

  • polyboy94 5 years ago

    @ProTNAWrestler if the hand is down to two people, then the betting can
    only go as high as the lowest player. if you were to add another person to
    this scenario, then your friend could raise, which creates a separate pot
    that you are not apart of. However, you are still eligible for the original
    pot that you went all-in on

  • PawketzRawketz 5 years ago

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  • teamug06 5 years ago

    thumbs up for dead rising 2 players!

  • bratlue 5 years ago

    Nice video , as it covers all the basic rules to play Texas Hold ‘Em . All
    newbie players should follow these essential tips when they start to play
    poker. Thanks

  • allan ballat 5 years ago

    Thanx,this helped

  • papagorgio23 5 years ago

    LOL you’re all a bunch of retards

  • DeltaBravo1216 5 years ago

    @J0n4th4nJu The last card put in the community is called the river, after
    the river card is delt the players make their final bets and see who has
    the best hand. Whoever has the best hand wins. It is easy.

  • grassman415 5 years ago

    thumps up if u thinks the ads irritate u

  • FragBag94 5 years ago

    @Jaikodragon Guess why I’m watching this… lol

  • The7MISSFITS 5 years ago

    @TheAbadaniBoy go to the pokerlistings website

  • Shaggy Korronikov 5 years ago

    @88FATHOM You’re ignorant.

  • jorvilla 5 years ago

    I have seem on some video games of TX Hold’em poker that not all the times
    u get to check, so u are force to either call or bet. Can some one explain
    to me how is this done?

  • OldChikity 5 years ago

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  • Infamou5J 5 years ago

    @proTNAWrestler Nah mate, I’m pretty sure that if you raise all in then he
    has to call it i.e equal to the amount you put in. I’m pretty sure he
    cannot raise.

  • LilPedroa15 5 years ago

    In Texas hold em everybody starts with $1,000? How many chips do yOu get??
    Like how many $20 chips do you get ect.??

  • Spore6001 5 years ago

    What does “check” mean?

  • Mrhugh2011 5 years ago

    dum name

  • azfanman 5 years ago

    He mentioned nothing about the blinds to start off the round.

  • miledcunanan 5 years ago

    whats that in your back wanted: poker playing??? so you are wanted!!!
    right? LOL

  • Nemanja Madic 5 years ago

    wrong dealing !