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  • Don Mangrubang 4 years ago

    I been wacthing your video this help me out little. …
    When should beginner rase pot size? ????

  • Mark Richardson 4 years ago

    The Royal Flush wins you jack. Zip. Zero. Everyone would be too worried
    about it and fold.

  • Mark Richardson 4 years ago

    This is someone to listen to. He knows his stuff. Kid Poker.

  • Nuno Alexandre 4 years ago

    Beginner Poker Lessons with Daniel Negreanu (Part 1) – Beginner Poker
    Lessons with Daniel Negreanu – 1/3

  • 55AkatsukiGirl 4 years ago

    ok ok I get the hands, lingo, actions, but what I dont get is how do we get
    more card if we only start with two, and when each action can be played.
    can you explan please?

  • Michael Lu 4 years ago

    funny enough I go to school with his niece

  • Javalarserflink 4 years ago

    A little confusing with the example of the flush beating the flush. In the
    video the two flushes are pictured in different suits, which of course is
    impossible in a game of texas holdem. So if two guys both have the flush,
    it must necessarily be in the same suit – and then of course the guy with
    the highest card wins!

  • mike081283 4 years ago

    Mr. Negreanu you are my fav player the way you can call what people have

  • mechanisimK 4 years ago

    i know the hands and every thing but is there any way you can count cards
    in texas holdem ?

  • TheDigihax 4 years ago

    yeah you lose, he’s got full house you have a straight…

  • Zhiping Qi 4 years ago

    lol why would they let negreanu do this

  • TheMisssally123 4 years ago

    this is confusing

  • terracottapie 4 years ago

    Well, to be fair, he is just explaining poker hand rankings in general at
    that point — not hold ’em. In other poker variants it’s very possible for
    players to have flushes of different suits.

  • TheFabbe123 4 years ago

    There is no internal ranking for a royal flush, a royal flush in spades has
    the same vaule as a royal flush in hearts, but its not possible to have 2
    people with a royal flush in texas holdem.

  • xITzStealth 4 years ago

    can anyone answer this question? i want to know what it is called when
    someone gets a four of a kind and a three of a kind in one hand. ive
    searched this on google but there is no results for this. this is possible
    because in texas hold em, there is 7 cards and if someone has an ace and a
    king and 3 more aces appear and two kings during the flop, the turn, and
    the river, this would easily be possible and perhaps be better than a royal

  • goatbut29 4 years ago

    Thank you Lottie!

  • Alexander Janku 4 years ago

    At least he made over 20 million$ doing this.. How much have you made?..
    oh.. right..

  • TabCrusher 4 years ago

    nice,brilliant,im am stumped and humiliated,you got me,you win the clash of
    words with your superior dissing skillls,i noticed a the first male gay
    poker player came out and vannessa selbst,and negreanu were the first to
    respond,wonder if daniel will come out next,maybe hes not gay,most canadian
    males act sweet so its hard to tell

  • Brad Rivard 4 years ago

    fucking poker!!!

  • krazykshitij 4 years ago


  • Alexander Janku 4 years ago

    if i was, i would have at least more than you have made playing 1/2$

  • krazykshitij 4 years ago

    i love this guy!

  • claudiette 4 years ago

    Aaaaahhh i dont know how to play poker can somebody help me the dealer has
    3 9s and 2 j and i have 3 clb 4spd 5club6 spd7spd do i lose

  • szopad 4 years ago

    what? A2345 is a straight? so A counts as 1? I didn’t know that ;]

  • fulltimespy 4 years ago

    @johnsonspirit how do you lose before starting haha 😀