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  • MrBeanOnTheScreen 5 years ago

    how do you record this?

  • Yon Yitmer 5 years ago

    o wow ok thanks for explaining that… so Isildur actually had the
    advantage post flop, crazy! This was real money right? I’m asking because
    the people talking in the chat room within this video kept saying it wasn’t
    real money, which makes no sense because it’s labeled in dollars

  • Yon Yitmer 5 years ago

    I don’t get it.. why didn’t Isildur win with his strait that he had… 9

  • shantanu deshpande 5 years ago

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    properly. this poker site will give you a real 8 dollars to start from here
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  • Ciaran Staunton 5 years ago

    haha evryone in the chat box is just “ALL in” “DO IT”!!!! haa

  • Jack Burgess 5 years ago

    PLO you have to use exactly 2 cards from your hand. So isildur only had
    4567-9 or 45-789, no straight. He need a 3,6,7,8 to win