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Bill Perkins is a successful businessman and movie producer. He is also an amateur poker player who appeared on several episodes of High Stakes Poker and Pok…

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  • tipsy09 4 years ago

    omg i died laughing at 12:50 when he flopped a flush, look at his face

  • Jon Binder 4 years ago

    The tell of initiating verbal confrontation of the opponent while in a weak
    position, while merely being passive or passively coaxing the opponent into
    conversation when in a strong position… Opposite of most players

  • Bee Farley 4 years ago

    Honestly, I think the reasoning behind why he has these tells is incorrect.
    I don’t think he talks more when weak because of nervousness or anything. I
    think he talks more because he wants to be Negreanu. He’s usually playing
    “small ball” type hands when he does this, and is trying, very poorly to
    get information. Conversely, he truly doesn’t care what the other players
    have when he’s strong. Not good habits in any case, but I suspect that’s
    more the way he’s thinking.

  • Aaron Ray 4 years ago

    Lmao 20:18 Asking the LC what he would do.

  • Slick Roode 4 years ago

    More of these please, very good. Pekins is possibly the most annoying
    player I have ever watched

  • joemcnees12 4 years ago

    Great videos. There are many videos talking about poker tells but very few
    actually showing them in live poker. Keep up the good work.

  • bigpurplenug 4 years ago

    basically, you refuted your own theory within the first 2 minutes. way to
    use perkins as a demo when he’s a perfect example of what goes directly
    against what you “say.” the talkative=strong vs silent=weak tell is about
    as old news as it gets. unless you are a complete and utter donkey to the
    game, this video is worthless………………….can’t understand why
    people are praising this crap.