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  • hubbledeepfield77 5 years ago

    i agree with hubbles comment lol

  • izaak mccullough 5 years ago

    @Volcomrider2207 tell me about it

  • sick abs 5 years ago

    ive found playing maniac players like this pot control is the key, because
    betting with weak holdings can get u in troble, the best way to play them
    is let them make all the mistakes and not try to play them at there own game

  • EGarrett01 5 years ago

    Norweigans bluff too much. You hate him.

  • effortless35 5 years ago

    Of course he does. Against this type of opponent in the rare cases when he
    does decide cbetting is better than checking back. The flip side is when
    Player A just calls he’s so weak you can bluff pretty much any hand and
    value bet super thin.

  • sidsa9 5 years ago

    The way he thinks about the game is so incredible

  • fliptthescript 5 years ago

    i know hwo to exploit i destroy people in heads up all the time. Very easy
    to beat them.

  • ErkkiEno 5 years ago

    makes alot of sense, ty

  • N3slin 5 years ago

    We love you Phil! – from Norway

  • Iamasuperuser123 5 years ago

    The thing is most fish who watch these videos will grosely misapply
    concepts learned. Most people who watch youtube videos are huge spazzy

  • Timothy Cody 5 years ago

    So are you saying that the discussion has no application outside that one
    exact hand? Because clearly you missed the point entirely. The video was
    not called “How to play T6s.” Your cliffnotes of the video literally missed
    every single interesting point made.

  • hubbledeepfield77 5 years ago

    you should just check back most flops and pot control this type f player,
    then hed be forced to loosen up his flop betting range, which now you can
    flat with the top of your range and start bluf raising his now wide flop
    betting range, its just staying a step ahead and keeping your opponent off
    balance, thats what i think anyway

  • zooMZooMlikeATyphOOn 5 years ago

    Come on Phil, you don’t fold middle pair on this board. Good luck winning
    if you only call checkraises with top pair. But since you’re a winner, you
    call with middle pair and you know it. And the sick thing is, if Player A
    is only checkraising with such a strong range, then you do exploit it. You
    don’t have to pay him off. This video is just teaching people to wait for

  • Alison Dupree 5 years ago

    Arguable the best player in the world. I love watching his videos. If you
    want you can check out some of them for free here bit.ly1cFEBRY

  • Chrisv1965 5 years ago


  • LedZeppelin775 5 years ago

    I think what he was getting at at the end of the video is that it becomes
    very easy to put him on a weak range when he check/calls and therefore
    easier to value bet/bluff him.

  • ahsan101 5 years ago

    I think if you overcomplicate things like that, it could backfire. Keep the
    game simple, play it safe and make money. Thats what works for me

  • Padraigh Cody-Lally 5 years ago

    @MrJonnyboy36 Lol

  • n3nshat11 5 years ago

    phil your a donkey ill challenge you heads up. stack me 5k and lets go.

  • touhidur30 5 years ago

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  • Volcomrider2207 5 years ago

    Amazing. Tahts why i ihate when sombody who doesnt know shit about poker
    says its a game of luck. Its like chess but with cards and for lots of

  • Ehvera 5 years ago

    galfonds one of the best nl & plo poker players, His hand analysis is

  • jsr9422 5 years ago

    COMMEDNING THIS GUYS PLAY. what the actual fuck, what THE ACTUAL FUCKING
    FUCK. did anyone watch this video. honestly. honestly, please just answer
    me?? did I even miss something? here are the cliffs of this video: So this
    guy raised with 6/10. Flop comes, he bluffs the flop, is re-raised then
    folds. wow… fucking great play there mate. GUYS: TAKE A LESSON FROM
    bluefirepoker OVER HERE. this is how you play. the end

  • sapsasify 5 years ago

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  • Mohd Kalied 5 years ago

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