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Bluff vs bluff : amazing !

Juanda vs Murphy Professional Poker Tour.





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  • FckZionism 4 years ago

    juanda played this hand like an amateur. comme on guys dont you see his
    body language? sooo many tells.. here you see!
    1. 0:51 double check his cards and than bet on the flop. lol
    2. 1:25 after the guy calls him, watch juandas face. epic
    3. 1:46 his thinking, than he bets again on the turn. if he would have a
    good hand, why bet again?
    4. 2:08 look at his left hand, behind his neck. believe me, thats a tell
    5. 3:28 best example for micro expressions. look at his lips. after that he
    covers his mouth, obviously a bluff

  • grey autonomy 4 years ago

    that all in was stupid lol

  • SupremacyMD 4 years ago

    he had tripssssssssss

  • john doe 4 years ago

    Juanda had trips!!!!! Keep it alive!!!!… 

  • RSWoW_1498 4 years ago

    I thought Juanda hat trips?

  • Armando G. 4 years ago

    What took Juanda so long? Now it just looks like he had bad cards, and he

  • Cute shades

  • Hacka Slash 4 years ago

    Looks like Juanda had a tell on his face from the very beggining that he
    didn’t have a strong hand..

  • Queen Rexy 4 years ago

    I wouldn’t call Murphy’s all-in as a total bluff. He obviously knew Juanda
    was blowing smoke. I define bluffing as trying to steal a pot. It’s not
    stealing if it’s already yours.

  • Cody Pavlak 4 years ago

    ahhh the fake clapping at the end

  • ilovebrandnewcarpets 4 years ago

    Commentators are a joke. Basically came themselves when Murphy flat called
    with Ace high on that flop, which 80% of every player in the world would

  • caessarion 4 years ago

    he feigned to have the flush, butt he did it so fast, it was and obvious

  • Scott Robb 4 years ago

    and somewhere hellmuth would be ranting honey he called with Ace high

  • Dan DanDanDan 4 years ago

    How was that amazing- It was a retarded bet on the river. If he was smart
    he wouldve checked again to let juanda hang himself. He didnt know what to
    do so he shoved-however only better is calling there. Juanda is not folding
    any pr in the situation heads up I doubt. I guess the river bet was to get
    maybe a hand like pocket 66 to fold but I doubt hes folding, I guess maybe,
    but likely not and if juanda has a hand like 66 hes probably checking back.
    Check the river and make a read on whatehr or not its trips, queen, or a
    bluff. With most players thats even- even probably w juanda i’m guessing. 

  • LV PokerCent 4 years ago

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  • Joshua Golding 4 years ago

    I don’t get it. This is a totally normal poker hand. Did I miss something?
    Guy with top pair bet it and won???

  • chris9264g 4 years ago

    If you scroll down you will find the youtube poker experts. Lol

  • Yolo Swag Beast Mode Muthafucka 4 years ago


  • xxyanlixx 4 years ago

    shut up with the trips shit man this joke is way expired
    back to the hand, i think juanda gave himself out from his body gestures. a
    man holding a queen or a 2 will not look uneasy like that. he fidgets,
    befuddles and bets. no one’s gonna believe that bet. 

  • Hacka Slash 4 years ago

    Daaamn, he gave away all his chips! Lol

  • ixlikextoxdansex 4 years ago

    I’m only 6 seconds in…I just gotta say, the one with the tits, better nt
    be the one who pwns. I’ll be GODDDAMNED

  • Rickety Cricket 4 years ago


  • Carlitos Way 4 years ago

    Damn was Evelyn Ng ever hot back then. Those boobs are purrrrfecto.

  • Adronias 4 years ago

    not a bluff on river.

  • DollyVids 4 years ago

    What the actual fuck. How is this a good play? It takes a real player to
    fire two barrels at a paired flop? Since when? The river bet we completely
    horrible. Juanda very well could have been semi-bluffing on a flush draw
    or be representing the Q or 7. When the flush draw gets there, he is only
    getting called by a made flush draw. Why does a negative EV play get
    praised? How the actual fuck?