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learn who to bluff, how hard to bluff them and when to go for a bluff. increase the success rate of your bluffs by following our easy to use system on barrel…
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  • gtiim 5 years ago

    thanks this helped a lot i just own my first Mil

  • Wing brah 5 years ago


  • Belophon D 5 years ago


  • Nuno Álvares Pereira 5 years ago

    thanks bro

  • Steve S 5 years ago

    Try playing online with slope heads that play bingo poker.

  • georgetaylor100 5 years ago

    Is there a video on how to identify each of the player types?

  • Sohrab Rezvanpour 5 years ago

    I hope your not doing that in all the videos , cause you actually give
    really good advice.

  • Sohrab Rezvanpour 5 years ago

    The sound of you drinking or what ever the fuck your doing is fucking
    annoying bro jesus fucking christ mate

  • danoulo28 5 years ago

    yeah well sometimes you play at a table where you dont know if the players
    are a fish or a tag or whatever…

  • Rosco Cullen 5 years ago

    No he is saying he “gripsed” has made this particular video explaining the
    barrel theory.

  • MrWrldpce 5 years ago

    Steven Wright great vids

  • eaglesphan10 5 years ago

    your saying u made up the barrel theory?

  • Daniel Smollen 5 years ago

    Lag and tag i am haha :)

  • GetMeThere1 5 years ago

    Recommendation: Don’t bother with the beginning of the video, and start at
    10:59 — where excellent advice is given to all except those ALREADY
    consistently winning over the long haul. All others should bluff only very
    rarely (and most of those should be semi-bluffs), and should challenge
    bluffs only very occasionally–and only with the idea of sharpening their
    ability to discern them. Otherwise: bet when you have the best of it–and
    get out otherwise–and you’ll learn to make money.

  • weedged11 5 years ago

    Wow you look like à good player becose you got your Own strat wow!!!

  • JRaab311 5 years ago

    Haha I never see donks leaving the table with more than 0 dollars lol

  • 2legit2sh!t 5 years ago

    Yuuuuup….I don’t know how many hands I’ve lost in home games getting
    fancy and assuming my friends see the obvious straight or flush draws,
    paired boards, etc. to get insta called with even less than top pair.

  • doubleup777 5 years ago

    yeah but then it is air vs air for a big pot… one is usually bluffing to
    make opponent fold 😉

  • gripsed 5 years ago

    I made every video on the channel myself. What’s kind of crazy is that this
    particular lesson is like 4 years old!

  • masa8881 5 years ago

    good stuff

  • fliptthescript 5 years ago

    Its wrong. lets see your ptr name gripsed? I bet hes not a winning player.
    They never list their ptr name. You play like this your gonig to lose a lot
    players change during play even donks and nits will mix up there game at
    some point especially if there losing.

  • James Gray 5 years ago

    @4.34 fish have tried this on me soo many times but ive never had the balls
    to call the shove on the river with my ok holding. for example, i have
    pocket 10s OOP, flop : 976 rainbow, turn: 4 river: 9. i bet on all streets
    but check the river for fear of slow playing/pot control and he shoves but
    i cant bring myself to put the remainder of my whole stack in with just an
    overpair. he shows 45 with a missed open ender. looking back on it now i
    feel it was a very bad fold, but you live and ya learn!

  • João Silveira 5 years ago

    donk spoted :)

  • thescarysalmon 5 years ago

    nice man. time to shred full tilt….

  • Yeah all of that made perfect sense. Good Vid for sure.