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2014 Canada Cup, final table live poker coverage – never miss a moment from the official PokerStars channel –The final table at Canada Cup streamed live to …
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  • Andre Gagne 4 years ago

    most annoying commentators ever – i shut the sound/voice off after 30

  • Paxton White 4 years ago

    post-op Ted? around 6:00 stapes kills me when this gold slips out from
    behind the set.

  • hanabahtah 4 years ago


  • BoobiesHooray2 4 years ago

    Rivers call on that last hand was one of the worst calls in the history of
    poker. A $90K donkey call. I was actually rooting for him to make a crazy
    comeback. OMG, that was just so fucking horrendous of a call.

  • cole skye 4 years ago

    Terrible ICM decision by Rivers. If he folds his 88 and just watches the
    madness unfold he scoops an extra 100k. The A10 shove is pretty terrible as
    well, they all shoulda known something was up when that sneaky old man
    limped UTG. And who the hell limps KK 4 handed on a FT? his lucky the ace
    didnt peel off

  • adamo36532 4 years ago

    LOL he folds a million spots where he shoulda shoved then in a spot where u
    can randomly ladder to 2nd place with 1 fold he calls like a complete donk

  • Scott Fitzhugh 4 years ago

    A/10 shove vs. 88 call, which is worse? I think a bad call is always worse
    than a bad shove…so I vote the 88 call the worse play ever at a FT.

  • hoops886 4 years ago

    Man, brutally corny commentary.

  • Pablo Wilson 4 years ago

    HD pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  • loko lokko 4 years ago

    donkey shove with A 10 wtf??? unreal hand just crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheRealZioPapillon 4 years ago

    going south i expect a video of this ending

  • fuggybootnling 4 years ago

    That hand makes me want to mash my mouse to pieces.

  • francis1971 4 years ago

    One comment about the final hand – WOW!

  • bassdewd 4 years ago

    WTF did I just see. Why did the kid call w/ 88.

  • 5stock5 4 years ago

    never seen so awful FT, raises and 3-bets, even sometimes massive 3-bets,
    and then RAIN of checks, check check up to the Showdown… HUGH ! I am
    really sad Thiago “Decano” has been eliminated, the real good player at
    the table…. but sometimes “luck” rules ! ( as that J on the river
    crashing his AA )

  • Going South Videos 4 years ago

    looool epic

  • Marcus Souza 4 years ago

    Esse Jacques é IDIOTA ou o que ? Não sei como um cara chega em uma mesa
    final fazendo uma merda dessa ! 

  • danman274 4 years ago

    Jacques should have put Chamas all in on the turn instead of flat calling,
    he certainly had the best hand at that point and there isn’t much reason to
    just call with so many draws on the board

  • holy fuck – that last hand hahahah the best man won!!!!! nice one notkin

  • danman274 4 years ago

    Chamas was so stupid to bet that straight draw, he could have seen a free
    card but instead he got raised

  • danman274 4 years ago

    You did NOT invent chip and a chair, that saying is based off an actual
    story of a famous player (I forget who) who went all in and lost, but then
    found a chip left under his napkin and came back to win or get close

  • danman274 4 years ago

    Set over set, what a cooler for armstrong

  • danman274 4 years ago

    Wow huge blunder by Rivers exposing that Ace, Notkin certainly would have
    called if he hadn’t showed and Rivers would have gotten the double-up

  • danman274 4 years ago

    Notkin should have bet the turn big, instead he gave Chamas a free card and
    got lucky he didn’t hit

  • danman274 4 years ago

    Notkin learned from his mistake (calling a shove with AT) and folded KQ as
    he should have