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Carryhero of reviews a hyper turbo heads up poker tournament on PokerStars. He talks advanced strategy from the prospective of a 500k+ l…
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  • Moshe Teutsch 4 years ago

    What song is playing at the beginning of this video?

  • Caleb Baker 4 years ago

    That last hand has a flush draw, which is less than a made top pair, but
    there’s also a Ace 5 that should be in your opponent’s range. I don’t
    understand your shove and his call unless he has Ace 5, He wasn’t exactly
    pot committed.

  • HUSNGcom 4 years ago

    It is from a private band called “f***face unstoppable” that no longer is
    together. If you like it and want their album, they’d have no problem with
    that, just email me on HUSNG’s site (I can’t put in an email address in the
    comment section, but just email HUSNG and ask for the music album, I check
    all the emails I’ll know what you want)