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In deep stacked No-limit texas hold em, we have a lot more options because there are many more possible outcomes for a the hand. Navigating these possibiliti…

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  • Reid Young 4 years ago

    Yes sir

  • Anthony Yoo 4 years ago

    Sorry if this question is basic, but I often have trouble understanding
    what you mean by “as part of your game plan”. Could you maybe elaborate a
    bit further in regards to this specific example of constructing a 3betting
    range oop deep.

  • Anthony Yoo 4 years ago

    hey thanks a lot, really appreciate it.

  • Reid Young 4 years ago

    Funny you should qualify it as basic. A lot of people view it as basic; in
    fact, it’s an incredible complex situation that most people discuss in a
    simplified manor. Simply put, most of what I’m referring to is balancing
    your range for post-flop play. In other words, if you only three bet AJs+
    and 99+, then if the flop comes 457 and you want to continuation bet, then
    a good play might be able to exploit you by raising often. If you can
    threaten to have a strong hand, it helps you to fight back

  • Rick Minars 4 years ago

    How do your 100bb and deepstack calling ranges differ when its a btn open
    vs blind defend? I know this is a broad question because it is dependent on
    several variables. But say if its a reg 3x and 2x open? Say we are opening
    from the btn vs a players who are deep in the blinds should we open larger?
    4x? or keeping consistent with normal sizing (dependent to ones style of
    course 3x/2x opening sizes)…

  • Deco354 4 years ago

    I dunno if a 30/17 who views us as aggressive will fold his overpairs here.
    I also think his fishy stats make his value range considerably less thin.

  • Amstadhelloween 4 years ago

    About deep stack poker, is it fine to 3-bet hands like SCs, 1-gappers IP
    250bb deep against a reasonably tight UTG range?(6-max, probably JTs+,
    22-AA, Axs) against a weaker opponent? and which hands should we use to
    build our OOP 3-bet calling range while deep stacked? thank you, reid young!

  • Reid Young 4 years ago

    That’s a tough question to answer in 500 characters, kind of like one of
    those “how do you play poker” questions. What you’ll want to consider is
    that you’ll be flatted pre-flop more often, so you’ll want to make sure
    you’re not dominated often when called. Suited connectors play well, but
    you’ll also want to make sure that your value of three betting pre-flop (as
    part of your game plan) is greater than the value of calling and seeing a
    flop in position with more implied odds from being deep.

  • Reid Young 4 years ago

    When someone 3x raises pre-flop, we’ll want to play fewer hands against
    them because we’ll be getting worse odds from the pot and because we have
    to win the pot more often to break even. Because we’ll have to win more
    often to break even, we’ll need stronger hands.

  • Reid Young 4 years ago

    Good points, but also consider that people get scared with deep stacks. I’m
    not sure if those ideas cancel us out back to what I’m saying, I’m simply
    suggesting it as a possibility.