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Chess lesson highlighting international Master Alexander Bangievs square strategy theory. A useful tool for helping us identify targets during the opening an…

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  • Sabyasachi Chatterjee 4 years ago

    Subbed.Thanks ….helped me a lot.Want more examples and videos on

  • mhd bek 4 years ago

    Thank you very much

  • Praveen Kumar 4 years ago

    thanks you. this helps me to understand chess better. good work.

  • ron m 4 years ago

    Very nice, thanks.

  • G Sriram 4 years ago

    Nice video.One of the rarest analysis of basic positional theories. please
    keep it up!

  • 012345Gringo 4 years ago

    Loved this video. Hope you’ll be making more squares strategy videos.

  • 012345Gringo 4 years ago

    Hi Robbie, Question1: At time: 7:11, you analize White’s e4 and d4
    complexes and choose to attack the d4 complex. I thought e4 was weaker than
    d4 and hence a logical choice for the campaign but you decided on the d4
    complex. Why? Could you not choose to attack at least the e4 pawn in the e4
    complex? Gringo

  • 012345Gringo 4 years ago

    Question 2: At time 11:49 when you bishop occupies e5, why is the campaign
    shifted to the d4 complex again? Why didn’t you continue attacking the g2
    pawn or the king in the e4 complex? The shift to me appears arbitrary.

  • MSK Chess 4 years ago

    hi Gringo, which ones do you prefer, the openings, or middle game ones?

  • MSK Chess 4 years ago