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How to melt down 3 Tanky core heroes.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Slaughterhousey 4 years ago

    ive done this combo since the dawn of time… it’s almost like faceless
    supprts me when I’m WD.

  • Andre Ng 4 years ago

    Oh look at it go!!! WD is a badass character man. One of my favourite

  • gutsandgears 4 years ago

    and he did that after the they took the barracks… so i dont see how did
    they win the fight
    .. the other team got what they wanted.///

    i think they should have initiated earlier than that

  • TheMakerLex 4 years ago

    can I have the match ID, please? 

  • DOTA 2 - Revenge Matches 4 years ago

    Good… this is a nice combo

  • William Kokster 4 years ago

    They still lost the rax 

  • GarketMardener 4 years ago

    a hard carry shouldnt have a big aoe stun… and that fucking combo is just
    too annoying. 90% winrate

  • Billie Sugandha 4 years ago


  • Sanmast3r 4 years ago

    Is doctor ult still going if hes in the Chrono ?
    Or is it only working if Doctor is outside the chrono.

  • diesmiling531 4 years ago