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CK Loses Her Bearings - Fun Snowmobile Ride - Poker Derby Feb. 17 2013

We decided that we would take the Arctic Cats out to a poker derby, the first one that we have gone in a long time! This was also the first time for us to ch…
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  • cj ford 4 years ago

    tunnel or jump? JUMP !!!

  • Lucas Adams 4 years ago

    I think it’s time for a cupple brp,s

  • Craig Lee 4 years ago

    Nice video Cubbee, If you had my Thunder Cat Mountain Cat you could be
    doing wheelies! hehe

  • MarezGil 4 years ago

    You guys should make more snowmobile videos they are very funny and good.

  • Andy Wohlleber 4 years ago

    Im from Rhinelander WI

  • shedds1 4 years ago

    that old sledd was the gem in her day bullet proof what state are these
    taken ??

  • Andy Wohlleber 4 years ago

    thanks I would like to snowmobile up there sometime but im am almost 600
    miles away and I would have to stay there for one week.

  • Andy Wohlleber 4 years ago

    are you in dry den im from northern wi and i have fished in earfalls
    ontario before wenasaga lake

  • scott smith 4 years ago

    fun and funny! :)

  • Jayden Grivette 4 years ago

    ZRT not zetree but great video i love them cats

  • butchykid263 4 years ago

    I say dat 98 xc 700… I got 1 to!

  • cubbeezx 4 years ago

    Yes, they are a heck of a lot of fun! Thanks for watching.

  • cubbeezx 4 years ago

    I didn’t know we were getting new ones??

  • cubbeezx 4 years ago

    Really? How cool is that! I would guess you were probably on Eagle Lake?
    Big lake. Thanks for watching!

  • 012coley 4 years ago

    got to love the grate white north eh

  • rockyracer13 4 years ago

    how fast dose your sled go?

  • cubbeezx 4 years ago

    Wow, that would be a lot.

  • cubbeezx 4 years ago

    Thanks, it was a good little ride! CK didn’t win the poker derby, but , she
    did win a couple of items from the silent auction. A nice metal led
    flashlight and a coffee cup. Thanks for watching.

  • grizztrails 4 years ago

    Great video! glad to see a broken machine had no “bearing” on the out come
    of another great adventure.

  • POL3INAROW 4 years ago

    I like the view in this video, it gives you the view as if I were on it.
    Some of the helmet top vids are freaky looking cause of the new style rider
    forward sleds, plus the mount for camera, the view seams as if it were on a
    boom of some sort directly overhead. Just thought I would let you know,
    great video!

  • 5153john 4 years ago

    thats close to north bay ontario?

  • cubbeezx 4 years ago

    Hey liquid!! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it was the start of a pretty good
    storm. We got about a foot of snow later that day. The FXR gear is GREAT!!
    Very warm. The old girls move right along. I will copy and paste what I
    told palomino488 -“Not really sure of the speed, haven’t really tried
    lately, but I would guess maybe around the 100mph mark for the ZRT and not
    all that far behind for the ZL? Probably would depend on the size of the
    rider and the conditions.” Plenty fast for us.

  • cubbeezx 4 years ago


  • Kevin Culver 4 years ago

    when are you getting new sleds

  • Boeing767Driver 4 years ago

    You know, most men would be in trouble if they said their sled was
    bottoming out because the wife is on the back. May the force be with you
    ‘brave one’!