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Visit To Play Some Free Poker Online With Other People Although Daniel Negreanu is one of the top poker players in the world he gets bla…

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  • Alex Krycek 5 years ago

    the commentator throwing lines every 5second is annoying.

  • Elijah Eagleman 5 years ago

    The dealer almost shipped the chips to the wrong person until Annie said
    she has a strait flush.

  • ryen1233345 5 years ago

    Daniel fucking sucks, one of the worst to ever play the game!

  • MadMetalMacho 5 years ago

    @bonoloy1 I know this, just saying not every multimillion dollar winner is
    a great player. I know PA is pretty good and Jamie gold is pretty bad.

  • Hurka44 5 years ago

    Is this Bou-Nahra who made the November 9 today?

  • Jscory 5 years ago

    It was sad to see someone who bought in for 10k calling down with his KQ
    there, he is beating absolutely nothing besides a bluff.

  • TheeNameIsBrandon 5 years ago

    you just used the word tit as an insult take your own advice buddy.

  • TheGizmoskate 5 years ago

    Daniel is a stone-cold killer

  • byrnzey 5 years ago

    i got ripped at the end wtf

  • milner3 5 years ago

    what d hell? A female kicker in a male sport! Lol fuck that bitch!

  • willngross89 5 years ago

    I’d use Annie Duke’s hair to wipe my dirty asshole

  • hanselategretel 5 years ago

    @b1nside who said I have to jack off? She just looks ugly. I do have a
    girlfriend, and she looks much better than annie duke. Honestly, I don’t
    know why people think she’s hot. She’s old and gross. Can we at least talk
    about vanessa rousso or erica shoenberg? Those are hot poker chicks. not

  • Patcholunu 5 years ago

    You need to read up on the Stella coffee case. She did get money, and a lot
    more than the 20K she originally asked for to cover her medical bills. So
    many urban myths built around that case.

  • noholecard 5 years ago

    lol fuck man what happened at the end

  • eeejit 5 years ago

    title has nothing to do with the video, well done!

  • matthew price 5 years ago

    doesn’t matter juanda had trips

  • hanoswahn1 5 years ago

    @Ridabu ahhhh…..shut up

  • dieselboy87 5 years ago

    the only kickers im interested in in a poker video are card kickers…..
    fucking bitch get back in the kitchen and off my poker vidz

  • MadMetalMacho 5 years ago

    @Reckin007 Jamie gold made 12 million in one year player poker… your
    point? Antonius is pretty good but saying he must be because he won 9M in a
    year is not accurate.

  • noholecard 5 years ago

    wow annie duke is a bitch 2:20 “i have a straight flush” with an attitude

  • jpjk1lla 5 years ago

    unreal that this moron girl gets a fortune just because she doesn’t have
    the kicking leg of a male D-1 kicker… makes me sick

  • Sam Thompson 5 years ago

    7:31 – Anyone else notice that they highlighted the wrong cards on the
    right? Haha.

  • willngross89 5 years ago

    I’d use Annie duke’s mouth as a toilet

  • Rocky Nenshat 5 years ago

    what a fking donk- calling down with one pair.

  • James Kim 5 years ago

    is daniel drunk or something? i dont get the title