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Daniel Negreanu keeps getting unlucky in High Stakes Poker

Daniel Negreanu keeps getting unlucky in High Stakes Poker. Season 6 episode 5. Made possible by
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  • kratoscallofduty 4 years ago

    What do you wanna bet that if they run it 4 times that Daniel loses all 4?

  • skaloon 4 years ago

    @gchild123 negreanu got very unlucky like 20 times in HSP. and that wasn’t
    pair – 87

  • xXAnthony619Xx 4 years ago

    @typesmaniac He’s one of my fav big wigs in poker.

  • broodje KipSaté 4 years ago

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  • gchild123 4 years ago

    u callin daniel unlucky agaisnt eli elezra????? eli always play low pairs
    thats what he expect

  • Rudy Valentino 4 years ago

    thanks a lot for these vids edonvanasseldonk!!

  • typesmaniac 4 years ago

    estafandari is funny as shit…weeeeeeeee

  • raee don 4 years ago

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    the other hand, I am like that horse that was dumbfounded for twenty-four
    hours. For a long time I thought I could never endure having survived. Then
    I went back to the pasture.