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Daniel Negreanu makes weird bluff against Eli Elezra after exposing one card accidently. Clip from High Stakes Poker Season 6 episode 4. Made possible by htt…

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  • emiryj 4 years ago

    i don’t understand why it’s a bluff if he has a straight haha?

  • ilovebrandnewcarpets 4 years ago

    Terrible title

  • 12OclockLow 4 years ago

    If you watch it over a few times it’s hard to believe this could be an
    accident. The way he takes a peek at Eli. The weird way he raises his right
    arm and scoops the cards up. The “oh-o” with zero apparent surprise
    whatsoever. The weird way he reacts afterwards – “I gotta check now.” The
    problem is – what would be the point of doing it? What can he possibly gain
    by showing a 9? Just for that matter, I am still not sure if it’s just a
    bunch of coincidences or if he has some crazy read on Elezra.

  • NoRegretsForOurYouth 4 years ago

    Where was the weird bluff?

  • Ronald Speirs 4 years ago

    these things kinda happen alot to daniel

  • Daniel Stickel 4 years ago

    Kind of looks intentional if you watch it a couple times.

  • Owen Goodvin 4 years ago

    not a bluff at all

  • Mike Smith 4 years ago

    yeah, its not a bluff when you have the 2nd nuts, might wanna retitle this

  • sealand000 4 years ago

    They should have a penalty for that.

  • mpc midwest 4 years ago

    you sound like the mentally challenged person who’s jeal-y of people who
    get youtube likes, as if it meant anything at all in real life.

  • AlexBkatzmann 4 years ago

    well the rules are that if one of your cards gets turned you gotta make
    sure everyone on the table still playing sees it. he obviously didnt want
    elezra to know he had a 9 since he was about to bluff and try to represent
    a K

  • IanJamesG 4 years ago

    even though the description says AFTER he exposed the card. Clearly the
    uploader is the mentally challenged one.

  • Tommy Doyle 4 years ago

    watch closley, negreanu flips the 9 on purpose. 1:26

  • runnerrunner4u 4 years ago

    @Domenic182 do…. do you wanna do it? cuz, i think i love you too

  • nairda auaets atrof 4 years ago

    and where is the bluf?????????? hahahahah wtf =))))) too many idiots on

  • MyGaby2000 4 years ago

    I am proud I am a romanian ! 😀

  • eagle0468 4 years ago

    How is this a bluff? Is the person who posted this video completely
    ignorant of the game?

  • VicenzoV 4 years ago

    the comment was sarcastic, showing to people who believe negreanu showed
    the card on purpose how stupid that really is. Showing a card that means
    you probably have nothing. good luck with that…. ;D

  • bob talbot 4 years ago

    he did mean to bluff before his card was seen

  • malice1105 4 years ago

    the rattle of chips is deafening

  • Corey Cunningham 4 years ago

    @adamasagex On the river, he was making the semi bluff on the flop and

  • faridawoehari 4 years ago

    That is one nine, so funny hahaha

  • Daniel McCrae 4 years ago

    I’m still not sure how he flipped his cards without revealing them both, so
    so lucky

  • Lee Kent 4 years ago

    It really does look intentional, so weird.

  • JosefGreen1 4 years ago

    its a wierd hand in that he showed a card, the bluff is a pretty standard c
    bet tho